Reclaim your lunchtime


Stepping away from your desk at lunchtime will reduce stress, boost your mood as well as help you to gain a sense of perspective on your work load.

Exercising at lunchtime will improve your productivity in the afternoon as it increases the flow of blood and oxygen levels in the brain which improves your cognitive abilities. So much better than the sugar high and fast slump of a chocolate hobnob.

Exercising at lunchtime will help you to reduce your stress levels by increasing serotonin, a neurotransmitter which stabilises mood to relieve depression, irritability, impulsivity, aggression, disordered eating and sleeping problems.

Exercising at lunchtime also releases endorphins. Endorphins trigger a positive and energising outlook on life. All the more needed if your to-do list never ends.

If that all the above doesn’t convince you, then how about this? Sitting down for long periods has been linked to increased risk of premature death. In an Australian study of 200,000 people aged 45 years or over, the results showed an increase of 40% over three years if they sat for more than 11 hours a day.

It really is time to get a lunchtime exercise habit and here’s how:

Book into a class and stick to it, book it out in your calendar so that no meetings can be sneaked in.

Make sure that everyone knows you are available accept at these times. Keep your gym gear at the office to be ready to go.  Here’s Susan telling us how she fits her classes in.

A few different options to suit your mood:

25 minutes: Power Plate classes are interval based training which means you will get the most out of the speedy 25 minutes classes.

30 minutes: Glow Cycle is an interval training based 30 minute class designed to get great results with minimal stress on the body.

50 minutes: Glow Yoga will calm the mind as well as release your body out of its habitual patterning. Glow Pilates is good for balancing your body by strengthening and lengthening to hold it effortlessly. Glow Ballet Tone will sculpting your whole body giving you visible results in a few classes.

22 March 2014