Take it easy



Constantly pushing yourself to work harder and faster is frankly...exhausting! Now the sun is out, let it serve as a reminder that life can be sweeter.

If you are always angry, impatient, irritable, stressed and tired - it's time to change gear.

Make the restorative Bliss yoga classes part of your weekly routine and start to notice the positive changes in you.

Good Vibes restorative Bliss yoga classes will teach you how to set up the conditions to easily switch into relaxation mode, whenever you need it.

When you relax deeply, your muscles release, your blood pressure, heart rate and stress hormone levels all drop.

Learning to relax helps you to live your life well, to roll with big life changes and, if you are trying to get pregnant, reducing your stress levels is a good place to start.

A few more reasons why YOU need restorative yoga.

Book into a class this week and tweet to let us know you get on. #GoodVibes



16 April 2014