Anxious about ageing?



Are you filled with anxiety about ageing? Owning every aspect of your life and making informed decisions about how to live, is key to ageing with grace.

Rather than adopting a combative approach - try to adopt a more accepting attitude along with a little self compassion.

Founder Nahid - who will be 47 in May is keen to stay youthful as naturally as possible. In this workshop we will be exploring movements to keep the body and face youthful, we'll lead up to a sweaty flow to improve circulation plumping up fascia,  the underlying structure of the skin.

We’ll work with facial yoga and acupressure and end with restorative yoga to take the stress off the face and body.

You'll leave feeling refreshed!

LabOrganic will be providing skin nourishing juices afterwards.

£25 BUY NOW  - if you are a member you get 20% off and need to book at reception or on the phone 020 7 240 6111


23 April 2014