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Fads may come and fads may go but at Good Vibes we are all about the expert teaching, meet a few of our teachers.

Rhia is a master teacher and teaches Power Plates andGlow Cycle classes at Good Vibes.

She loves the diversity of the clients at the studios and believes in fun and functional training for every one of all abilities.

Rhia has been teaching group exercise for over 3 years. When she is not training others, including the Good Vibes teacher training programmes, Rhia is also a professional wrestler and the current Women's Champion in Switzerland.

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Eleah has been practising Pilates in a variety of ways for over nine years.

Eleah always thinks on her feet and manipulates exercises to be specific to the postures and/or injuries of her clients.

Clients say they feel taller, stronger and more aware of their physicality after her classes.

She teaches Pilates and Glow Ballet Tone at lunchtmes.

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Mel is a Pilates and now a Power Plates teacher, her biggest joy is teaching a challenging, strong group class as she loves the energy and atmosphere created and the huge emotional and physical benefits that mindful exercise can bring to her clients.

Her emphasis during class is on postural alignment and she creates a flowing sequence of exercises which are tough but achievable. Above all else expect to have fun - the perfect combination of laughter and sweat!

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Yannis is a passionate teacher who will motivate you, and is guaranteed to make you work up a sweat. He offers realistic goals and fun classes where all types of riders are challenged.

He believes that Glow Cycle is the best way to attain a high level of cardiovascular fitness, while keeping your body fat percentage low. His background as an exercise physiologist means he knows how to make his clients achieve their fitness goals and reach their full potential.

Yannis has been teaching indoor cycling classes for seven remarkable years – you will leave his class feeling uplifted and buzzing with energy. Book in to burn off the fat. It's the last week of mindfulness month but it doesn't end here - make conscious movement and actions a life long habit.

A few tips from Clive on how to meditate.

We'll keep going despite the strike this week, here's how to get to us regardless!

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28 April 2014