Getting Upside-Down - Inversion Workshop


Saturday 10th May 2014 3-5 pm £25 BOOK NOW

Inversions can take you to the edge of your strength and flexibility as well as fears of failure and injury. Confront these edges safely and learn proper technique to move into postures like handstand, forearm stand and headstand or deepen your experience of them. In one way or another, everyone will go upside down and experience the energetic and emotional sensations these poses deliver with a wallop. Open to those with some experience.

Adam Hocke believes our yoga practice leads us to greater creativity, peace, and community – finding strength in our bodies to find strength in our mind, spirit and heart. His refreshing and accessible approach to yoga and teaching will leave you with a huge smile on your face. Adam has been practising yoga for over 10 years with certification through the BWY accredited training course at Triyoga, London.

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Held at Covent Garden Studio.

28 April 2014