Melanie Smith - Glow Pilates and Power Plates Teacher


Melanie is a Glow Pilates and Power Plates teacher, you can book into her classes here.

What is the best time of day to practise/exercise?

This is very personal to everyone and depends on your own natural bio rhythms, you're either a morning person or you're not! I am a morning person and love to get my training done first thing, on an empty stomach, as I generally do a lot of HIIT training involving plyometric movements. There is nothing better than a good session first thing, your body is flooded with feel good endorphins for the rest of the day and your EPOC is elevated (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption) for longer than if you train later in the day. And it also gives you time to fit in another session later on if you feel so inclined....a little early evening yoga anyone?

What do you recommend you eat before the class? After the class?

Personally I do not eat anything heavy 2-3 hours before a class, but if this is not an option and you simply must eat, then a light snack of protein and complex carbohydrate is advisable. This might be half a Banana and a handful of almonds, a yogurt and some lean ham....or if I'm really in a rush I might have a protein shake which is easy to grab on the go.

What do you love about Good Vibes?

The whole atmosphere at Good Vibes is positive and uplifting, and working for them is proving to be a real joy. Nahid and her staff team is encouraging and supportive but also has very high standards, so it is an honour to be employed by her. Far too many studios do not take an interest in the quality of their class content and it is refreshing to work somewhere that cares so professionally about their clients’ experience.

What do you teach in class?

My power plate and Pilates class are a full body workout and will tackle the muscles groups in equal proportions. It is essential that we create muscular balance in order that the body does not develop dominant muscle groups which can throw posture out of alignment and potentially cause injury. For this reason I ensure that we train opposing muscle groups, for example if we tackle press ups then an equal amount of time will be spent developing strength in the back also. With regards to my Pilates practice I love the classic forms of Joseph Pilates original series of 34 exercises and will aim to build up to these during a class or a series of classes.

How will I feel after your class?

Happy, energised and alive!

I hope that on leaving my class you shall feel as if your body has had a good physical workout, but also that you have experienced the benefits that mindful exercise can bring about. I aim to educate as well as physically train the body so you should know a little bit more about your own posture and how your body moves. This understanding and acceptance of your own individual strengths and limitations will prove to be a useful skill you can take into all exercise situations, maybe making necessary adjustments or choosing to leave out particular movements or postures that don't suit.

Tell us something surprising about yourself…

I am a qualified pole dance fitness instructor and love nothing more than spinning around and turning upside down on the pole! My own exercise regime involves a lot of athletic, gymnastic based movements which develop my own dynamic, flexible strength. In my spare time you shall usually find me in some studio somewhere pretending to be a circus performer!

Melanie Smith is a personal trainer and Pilates instructor, her biggest joy is teaching a challenging, strong group Pilates class as she loves the energy and atmosphere created and the huge emotional and physical benefits that mindful exercise can bring to her clients. Her emphasis during class is on postural alignment and she creates a flowing sequence of exercises which are tough but achievable.

28 April 2014