Emily Hill - Glow Yoga Teacher



Emily is a Glow Yoga teacher, you can book into her classes here.

What is the best time of the day to practice/exercise?

Each to their own I'm all for what serves the individual it depends on your timetable, type of work type of person. I am told by a wise man, that everyone has a natural sleep clock that they are born with our blue print sleep clock I guess - so without the science we are either happy to wake early and start the day or need those extra few hours before starting, you can change it slightly but it will never feel natural to rise early if that’s not how you're set to function. I am not an early riser - my favorite time to practice is around 9am, however this is a luxury I have, being self-employed.

What do you recommend to eat before your class? After the class? 

I recommend eating little right before class all those inversion being in down dog with a full tummy not so fun. However being a woman my blood sugar levels can be sensitive so its also not a great idea to practice on empty some thing light maybe fruit or juice an hour before. After practicing its time to reward our fabulous body and feed our muscles a little protein is great in what ever form suits you depending on the time of the day. Our body is open to absorb proteins after exercise but only up 20grams at a time so don't over do it.

What do you love about Good Vibes? 

In the yoga world, that London is rapidly joining...its seems the easiest way to become a "known" teacher is by the shock factor going hard with poses squishing everything into one hour twisting the body into what ever shapes we can. When in some cases this can isolate some people from the class, from returning to a class, from progressing with their practice. At Good vibes we offer classes that are creative, challenging but also safe giving longevity and pleasure to our practice and our bodies. We take out the shock factor and invite each and every person to join with options and offerings for all. Yoga is not about being the best in the class its about being the best you.

What do you teach in class? 

I teach people to meet themselves where they are at on that day, to smile, to breathe, to enjoy themselves and find joy in life!

How will I feel after your class? 

Hopefully you will feel, fearless, ready to face the world with grace and calm. (however I only have an hour!)

Emily Hill started yoga aged 18. She trained in Costa Rica and India, where she immersed herself in yoga for 2 months. She continues to update her understanding and offers a creative and intelligent flow with a focus on alignment. She aims to leave students feeling strong, happy and well balanced. She is a friendly approachable teacher always happy to answer questions in class.

30 April 2014