Good Vibes in the Evening Standard



Good Vibes in the Evening Standard on warm yoga- we were the first to offer warm  yoga in London over 3 years ago and the first infrared heated yoga studio in Europe:

" Ballet tone, Pilates and yoga classes at Good Vibes Vibes, in Covent Garden and Fitzrovia, use Far infrared lamps to create an environment of 27 degrees and SAD lighting to improve mood.

Founder and director Nahid de Belgeonne, who swears by Far infrared, says they use it to nourish the mind, body and soul rather than being an endurance test."

She says it energises the body, improves the nervous system and circulation and increases oxygen to cells - unlike hot yoga, which she says can dehydrate. de Belgeonne adds: "To keep the skin and bodily systems youthful, you need to keep the whole body hydrated".




30 April 2014