Holly Warren - Glow Yoga Teacher


Holly is a Glow Yoga teacher, you can book into herĀ classes here.

What is the best time of the day to practice/exercise?

It's good to practice rather than not at all, so whenever you get the time is best!

What do you recommend to eat before your class? After the class?

Not great to eat before a class. Drinking lots is good and coconut water is lovely and keeps you hydrated too.

What do you love about Good Vibes?

The good vibes! One of the most beautiful studios to practice in I have experienced. It is like an oasis, a place to nourish & recharge, giving you an inner boost and allowing you to leave glowing.

What do you teach in class?

I teach dynamic flows and fire classes. My focus is to keep you connected to the breath, finding the internal alignment & clarity both physically & mentally. I like to guide students to find their own pace and move with fluidity.

How will I feel after your class?

After my class you will feel full and rested. There will have been a challenge, however no strain and lots of time to unwind.

Holly Warren's dynamic Vinyasa Flow teaching brings focus to awareness and movement of the breath, developing healthy body mechanics, alignment, postural strength, and vitality. She uses her extensive knowledge and keen eye to adapt each pose according to individual needs and thereby better facilitate personal growth and inner confidence. Having grown up within the yogic tradition Holly has been practising Yoga for more than 20 years, following a successful international career as a professional contemporary dancer.

26 May 2014