Create a lean silhouette


Glow Pilates and Glow Ballet Tone

Every fitness regime should include Glow Pilates as part of its repertoire. Why? Because Pilates strengthens as it lengthens your muscles giving you a lean silhouette.

You’ll tone your abdominals, arms, thighs and bottom as well as sculpting your waist and shoulders. You’ll improve your flexibility as well as your alignment by creating strength through your deeper postural muscles.

Glow Ballet Tone takes it to another level by throwing in conditioning exercises which will boost your metabolism and sculpt your body.

Glow Pilates and Ballet Tone in our Far infrared heated studios makes you work a little bit harder.

Book into a Glow Pilates or a Ballet Tone class this week if you haven’t already tried it – we have times to suit the busiest of schedules – a great way to kick off your week on Monday 7.30am with Kate or first thing on Saturday morning with Mel 9.45am.

Or why not try them all? They all offer their own distinct style, it’s good to mix and match your teachers to pull your body into the best shape. Meet the Glow Pilates and Ballet Tone teachers.

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30 June 2014