Let's get a sweat on!


It’s a steamy summer and there’s no better time to ramp up your fitness regime, it’s good to sweat!

When you challenge yourself and start to sweat you increase your cardiovascular activity, you burn more calories and overtime see a bigger weight loss.

Sweating keeps you from overheating, warms up your muscles, helping to release stress and muscle tension, improves your circulation and increases your metabolism. And it washes away the impurities on the skin! And doesn't it feel SO good when it's over?

So rather than avoid it, let the sweat flow, because it means you are putting effort into your classes and we applaud that!

Come prepared for your class by taking a towel  in with you, use a yoga towel on your mat to give a better grip and absorb your hard work. Remember to keep it fresh for all, give your mat and bike a wipe. And last of all, don’t forget to take a bottle of water in with you to hydrate throughout the class.

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A few options to get you working a little bit harder:

Power Plates HIIT classes which are even more intense than the regular classes, you’ll burn 280 calories after a 25 minute class.

The Glow Yoga Fire class which is a sweet and sweaty flow for  those who know the yoga poses, your metabolism will get a boost  in the far infrared heated studio.

Glow Ballet Tone which is a tough class that will sculpt your body.

Glow Cycle which will keep on challenging you to up your fitness game, keep up a regular routine and you’ll notice a huge difference in your fitness levels and your waistline.

Are you ready to get a sweat on?


There is nothing more satisfying than a 2 hour workshop on a Saturday, where you can get a little bit deeper and a little bit sweatier:

Go a little Deeper flow with Clare a level 2/3 creative flow that will give you a challenge - this is great for sports people including runners and cyclists, you will need some yoga experience.

Saturday 26th July 3pm - 5pm, book it here.

Go for the Glow Ballet Burn with Eleah on the Saturday 2nd August or the Bikini Body Pilates Bootcamp with Antonia on Saturday 9th August or even the Friday night Rave with Holly and vodka jellies as seen in Grazia. Book in here.

Members, don't forget Good Vibes workshops are just £20 to you, book in at reception or call on 020 7240 6111.

Not yet a member? Join today for unlimited classes at both studios. If there are a few of you joining from your company, check out our corporate rates.

See you in class!

#GoodVibes x

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20 July 2014