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3 steps to a smaller waist

Holiday eating with an extra glass of rose here and there can quickly add inches to your waistline. While we love loosening up in the sunshine, a little daily discipline keeps us in check.

3 easy ways to whittle your waist:

  1. Portion sizes - keep your portions small and take your time to eat it. Include leafy greens and a small portion of lean protein at every meal.
  2. Drink a glass of water as soon as you wake up and have a lean and nutritious breakfast with protein choose from eggs, avocado and pumpkin seeds or grated apple with coconut yoghurt. Breakfast kick starts your metabolism so don't miss it.
  3. We like exercising first thing on an empty stomach, many studies have shown that exercising in a fasted state is an efficient way to build lean muscle and improve fat loss.

Join us for the next 4 weeks for our waist challenge. Take your waist measurements today and follow us on Twitter as we encourage each other on. #GoodVibes

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Rev it up - morning classes to burn the fat

Power Plates classes - the ultimate fat burner, a Power Plate class works all muscle groups at the same time for maximum fat burning and in only 25 minutes! You will see and feel the difference in 3 weeks!

Glow Yoga lengthening, strengthening and toning, but more importantly yoga plays calms the nervous system and less stress means less holding on to fat round your middle

Glow Pilates lengthens as it strengthens, you'll hold yourself better and walk taller.

Glow Cycle which will keep on challenging you to up your fitness levels, keep up a regular routine and you’ll notice a huge difference in your fitness levels as well as your waistline. Look  out for the Beginners Glow Cycle class on Tuesday 5th August at 5.45pm for 35 mins.

Timetables here.

Coming up...

There is nothing more satisfying than a 2 hour workshop on a Saturday, where you can get a little bit deeper and a little bit sweatier:

Go for the Glow Ballet Burn with Eleah on the Saturday 2nd August

Bikini Body Pilates Bootcamp with Antonia on Saturday 9th August

Friday night Rave with Holly and vodka jellies. Book in here.

Members, don't forget Good Vibes workshops are just £20 to you, book in at reception or call on 020 7240 6111.

Not yet a member?

Join today for unlimited classes at both studios. If there are a few of you joining from your company, check out our corporate rates.

See you in class!

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27 July 2014