Meditation for Modern Life Workshop


Sunday 5th October 2014 3.30 - 5.30pm £25 BOOK NOW

Meditation is a great tonic for modern day life. In a world where we are getting busier and moving quicker, Meditation offers an opportunity to slow down and come into the present moment. It helps to relieve stress and balance our emotional and mental states which often become supercharged in today’s environment with its focus on technology, speed and accomplishment. Meditation has also been scientifically proven to improve physical health by decreasing stress, helping sleep and boosting energy levels. It harnesses concentration and focus in work and daily activities.

This workshop will explore a range of techniques which you can practise anywhere, at any time of the day and can be adapted to how much time you have available. This will include a variety of breathing techniques, guided visualisations and specific meditation practises. The class will end with an extended yoga nidra – “yogi sleep”, a deep state of conscious relaxation, leaving you restored and revitalised.

Clive Fogelman has a creative and open-minded approach to yoga and meditation which is influenced by his therapeutic and sporting background. He believes meditation is a wonderful tool for dealing with the day to day challenges that life exposes us to and is particularly keen in making meditation feel practical and accessible to everyone.

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Held at our Covent Garden Studio.

17 August 2014