Yoga Studio to Rent

29 March 2015


Our beautiful infra-red yoga and Pilates studio, in the heart of the west end is available to rent. The Good Vibes Fitzrovia is located at 11 Tottenham Street, W1T 2AG.

The studio has dark bamboo floors, space for 26 clients, SAD lights and FAR infra red heating, walking into our studio feels like stepping into a warm and sunny day.

The studio is conveniently located two minutes walk from Goodge Street underground station and 5 to 10 minutes walk from Tottenham Court Road/ Euston & Warren Street stations.

Included in the hire is use of mats, blocks, bolsters and straps, use of a dedicated waiting area, toilets, showers, cleaning and utilities as well as towel hire and a on site shop selling water and snacks. The studio is available during off peak times including weekends.

For more information or to book please email [email protected]

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Hips don't lie

21 March 2015


The benefits of mobile hips

If you sit down all day or are involved in a sport, you need to get a little more mobile in the hips.

Why? Because sitting in the same position for sustained periods of time shortens the hip joint flexors and weakens the glutes. Running with poor technique over trains the same muscles and puts a load on the joints, particularly the knees.  Both states can develop imbalances in the body, joint instability and injury.

How to counter it? Mix up your activities to keep your body fluid and elastic. The hip is a ball and socket joint and needs to be able to move in all directions, ensuring that you don’t get stuck in one direction.

An accessible hip mobility exercise that you can do everyday is leg circles, and you can even do it standing.

Stand on one leg, with one hand on a wall and start to make circles with the other in one direction for a few counts and then the other. The movement comes from circling the ball of the thigh bone in the hip socket, aim for a smooth and uninterrupted circle. Circle both legs and notice the how much more fluid your movements become.

A few easy ways to increase hip mobility at Good Vibes:

The Power Plate  increases mobility by 7 degrees in every exercise, it also improves your explosive power and creates stability around the knee.

The one-to-one sessions can be tailored specifically for you.

Glow Yoga pulls your body into a more 3D pattern - try the Beginners & Improvers Yoga workshops or the Foundation class if you’ve never practised yoga or want to improve you technique.

The Glow Yin class accesses the deeper tissues and musculature of the body, such as connective tissue and fascia that encompass the joints to give you more freedom in movement.

Glow Pilates will balance out your body by working all the little muscles that pull in the bigger often overworked muscles.

Glow Cycle will keep on improving your aerobic base rate, improves your leg speed and increases your range of motion. To get you started the Good Vibes cycling one-to-ones are an investment that pays off with immediate effects.


Yoga for Runners and Cyclists £25 

Saturday 28th March 2pm – 4pm Fitzrovia

Training for the Marathon? Injury-proof your body and strengthen your resolve with a two-hour workshop designed specifically for runners and cyclists. These practical, flowing sessions use yoga’s physical postures and mental training methods to keep the mind sharp and body strong throughout training and racing.

Teacher Lexie is a BWY and Yoga Sport Science ®-trained teacher and fitness writer. She is the author of Yoga for Runners and Yoga for Cyclists and teaches runners, sprinters, cyclists and triathletes 1/2/1. She also trains for 10K, triathlons and duathlons.

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Glow Yoga Foundation for Beginners and Improvers £25

Saturday 11th April  1.30pm - 3.30pm Fitzrovia

Glow yoga Foundation workshops are for both beginners and those wanting to improve their technique. This workshop looks at shoulder and upper body alignment and will explore the common downward dog pose as well as look  at all poses that rely on mobility and openness in the shoulder girdle. A fun and inclusive 2 hour workshop to get you moving with ease.

Led by Good Vibes Founder, Nahid is a BWY accredited teacher, as well as a registered restorative yoga teacher and trained in complete yoga nidra. She offers mindful classes and embraces an open approach to her continuing learning and teaching. She is also the yoga expert for Women’s Health Magazine UK and Aveda UK.

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Happy Body Bootcamp £65

Saturday 18th April 3pm – 8pm Covent Garden

Those who practise restorative yoga are more likely to stick to their good habits than those who don't. This Bootcamp takes a 360 degree approach to your fitness, a 2 hour Pilates session with Antonia followed by a 2 hour restorative yoga session with Nahid to calm the mind and release the body and setting good intentions with yoga nidra ( a guided meditation).

Green juices and light healthy snacks provided.

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Pranayama Workshop £25

Sunday 26th April 5pm – 7pm Covent Garden

The first thing we do on earth to signal our healthy arrival and the last thing we do before we exit this lifetime – breath is life.

Breath is the bridge between our mind and body, and managing this bridge with intention can lead us to deep understanding and profound change.

Teacher, Clive has a creative and open-minded approach to yoga, influenced by his therapeutic work and sporting background.

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Train Smarter Indoor Cycling Personal Training

15 March 2015

Road bicycle woman riding her bike and concentrating on winning

You don't have to compete to be an athlete.  You just have to train like one.

The sun is coming out and it is time to get FITTER! Proper indoor cycling techniques create adaptations in the body that lead to greater fat burning and increased caloric consumption.

Indoor cyclists using proper cycling methods find they have greater strength and endurance, better fitness, and ultimately increase their weight loss. And It all comes down to power output.

Anything that reduces a rider’s power output, such as poor technique or performing unsafe moves, reduces the effectiveness of the workout and can be damaging.

So do you want to be an athlete and power up? Whatever your goal is, our personalised indoor cycling coaching and programs with Nadine can help get you there quicker.

Choose from our personalised programs 60 mins for £75  - Buy now


Once you have mastered these you will be able to rapidly speed towards your goal. This session is all about perfecting technique.

Techniques are the foundation to an effective and safe workout, just one poor technique can hold you back!

Perfecting form, cadence, flow, pedal stroke and managing resistance & intensities.   The objective of this is session is to understand the benefits of each technique and practise correct execution to achieve greater effectiveness. This program will consist of a moderate intensity 15 minute assessment ride to establish areas for development.

With feedback and discussion you gain the knowledge and understanding to improve. During a second 30 minute ride, detailed corrective coaching will enable you to practise and improve. If you are new to riding this is an opportunity to form good habits and immediately maximise the benefits. For regular riders it’s time to extinguish all those common bad traits forever. You will feel the difference!


This session is ideal for those that have had a MASTER THE FUNDAMENTALS session - form, cadence, flow, pedal stroke, resistance & intensities - but are still struggling with one or two of them.

It might be a case of improving your muscle engagement and therefore your power by up to 70% if you wear cycle shoes and perfect your pedal stroke. Whichever 1 or 2 techniques we highlight in this session, it is easy to remedy with a deeper focus.

If you have just bought cycle shoes and want to maximise the benefits immediately or if you have been using them and felt little or no difference then a focused Pedal Stroke technique session comes highly recommended. Following a 15 minute assessment ride a relevant run of drills will work to correct and hone.


Customise & Measure Your Workout (60 mins)

Whether you have just entered into fitness or are an experienced athlete you can greatly benefit from paying attention to your heart rate during exercise.  It provides a window to ensure you are hitting the correct intensities when following personalised and group exercise profiles, guaranteeing goals are achieved and your fitness never plateaus. There are simple ways to use a heart rate monitor as a tool to motivate, measure and make your exercise more purposeful and effective.

The initial session will provide you with a top line understanding of heart rate zones and the benefits.  You will conduct a 10 minute warm up and 30 minute field test ride to establish your lactate threshold.

The following day you will be provided with your heart rates for each of the 5 intensity zones and how to use them in your cycle classes over a 4 week period to help achieve your goal.

Ongoing sessions can retest your lactate threshold which will provide a measure to show your fitness improvements and establish a further 4 week program. If you run you will also be able to apply this system to your training.

You will need an adequate heart rate monitor, one which has a laps function and not to have exercised within 24 hours before your field test.

PURE INDULGENCE RIDE (15 min Q&A Coaching, 45 min ride)

Ever wanted it to be all about just you? Errrr Yeh!  A 1-2-1 straight ride coaching specific to you. A great gift for someone or to yourself.  Endurance or High Intensity Interval training. Your choice.  Following the ride you will be sent feedback on what you were fabulous at and how you can be more fabulous.


PARTY RIDE  (15 minute set up and intro 45 min ride)  

Ok so no champagne and dancing, maybe some balloons.  If you are celebrating something, hen, stag, birthday, a surprise and would like to bring your friends into your fitness world for a ride before you slip into full on party mode then this is a great activity to kick off proceedings.  Please let us know if you are rolling with a theme and we will see if we can accommodate relevant music.

CORPORATE RIDE  (15 minute set up and intro 45 min ride)  

Maybe it’s about time for your employers to dig deep and make team building a bit more interesting.  An opportunity to show off your stamina and inspire.   Expel the myth that ’spinning’ is just pointlessly sweating and chewing the handlebars.  It’s your turn to flex the muscle!

 For more info: [email protected]

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Mothers, we salute YOU!

10 March 2015

Mother's Day Concept-- Purple tulips with card on white backgrou

To all the mothers in the world, we salute you! Whether you are a mother yourself, about to become one or you want to look after your mother a little bit more. The first place to start is with a little care.

Flowers are lovely but a #GoodVibes giftcard sets your Mother on a long term path to good health.

You can buy it in any denomination, enjoying a fitness date with your mum is a nourishing way to spend time together.

A few workshops that might work well for your Mum are the Beginners Yoga series with Good Vibes Founder Nahid, the next one is on Saturday 11th April 1.30pm - 3.30pm or the Pranayama Workshop with Clive on Sunday 26th April.

Pregnant Happy smiling Woman sitting on a sofa and caressing her


First time Mother?

Congratulations! If you already keep fit, then there is no reason not to continue now you are pregnant.  We have kept many regulars fit and healthy throughout their pregnancy. Let us know in advance, so that we can plan in advance.

You can carry on with your 25 min Power Pates sessions with the machines turned off giving you an effective circuit training session.

You can carry on cycle classes, do have a chat with your teacher first of all.

Or choose a one to one from cycling to personal training to yoga and Pilates.

Step this way for a fit and healthy pregnancy!


Treat yourself

Treat yourself this month with our talented therapists based at the Covent Garden Studio:

Jonathan Carson is in every Wednesday 3.30pm – 8.30pm. He offers a combination of Sports, deep tissue, Swedish, acupressure and reiki to give a bespoke treatment just for you. He is giving away a free 60 min massage to one lucky winner, enter by Sunday 15th March, email to enter.

Wendy is in every Tuesday 3.30pm and offers reflexology. if you would like to enter a free prize draw to win a session with her please email her to enter.

Don’t put up with injury! Osteopath Barry who is in Mondays and Thursdays all day, book here.

Florence offers beauty treatments, massage and waxing and is in Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays all day.Book in.

Sam offers acupuncture, facial acupuncture and cupping every Tuesday 10 – 3pm - book in here.

Van offers prescription facials, skin peels, manicures and pedicures throughout March 2015, she will be giving a complimentary file and paint manicure (worth £15)* with every 55 minute facial or skin peel! Book in.

Happy Mothers Day and see you in class!

#GoodVibes x

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Spring into Action

3 March 2015


Side view of fit young people working out at class in gym

Where are you getting your cardio?

It's lighter and sunnier which means that Spring has sprung and our energies take a shift into a higher gear.

Here's a challenge to you all, get into the saddle with #GoodVibes to complement your Glow Yoga, Pilates and Power Plates classes.

Our cycle classes will get you pushing weight throughout your cardio class at the same time - it's a really effective way to burn fat and get fitter.

Rhia teaches a Beginners Cycle on Tuesday 5.45pm for 35 mins - get there early for bike set up and a short sweet ride.

We have talented friendly teachers who want to help you get fit, as well as Rhia we have Sam, Nadine, Jade, Mai and Saaj.

Aim for 2 cycle classes a week starting this week and let's all ride all the way though to the end of March.

Plan your classes at the beginning of the week. The way to look good this Summer, is to start now!

Tweet to let us know who you are getting on #GoodVibes



A few changes

All change in the Power Plates studiosSam is moving on from Mondays evenings and new Pilates teacher Nadine McCann who also has a ballet background is taking over and getting great feedback.

Harriet has now moved on and Eszter is looking after most of her classes until experienced Power Plate teacher, Saaj takes over on the Plates in April.

Looking to improve your posture? Technique or getting back to fitness after injury or pregnancy? We can help!

25 minute Personal Training will get you on target fast!

3 pack £90 Buy Now 

6 pack £170 Buy Now




Treat yourself to a great start to Yoga. Our Foundation for Beginners Series is just the ticket - one workshop a month from now to June with Good Vibes Founder Nahid.

Running the marathon? Don't miss the Yoga for Runners and Cyclists with Lexie on Saturday 28th March 2pm - 4pm £25 - Book here.

Covent Garden Studio

 Get ready for Spring reboot with the Happy Body Bootcamp at the Covent Garden studio on Saturday 18th April 3pm - 8pm

The workshop consists of 2 hours of Pilates followed by 2 hours of restorative yoga and yoga nidra to set up good body and mind intentions for Spring.

The city retreat is £65 book here.

Pranayama workshop with Clive. Breath can help you to stay vital and healthy learn more on our Sunday 26h April workshop.

Members get discounts on our workshops. Not yet a member? Join us here!

Don't miss out on the deeply nourishing #GoodVibes yoga holiday in Turkey on the 13th July to 20th on the turquoise coast. Don't miss it!

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#GoodVibes x

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