Friday Night Yoga Rave

16 August 2014

FridayNightYogaRave london from GoodVibes on Vimeo.

Thank you to everyone who came along last Friday night, a fun sweaty flow to a Frankie Knuckles playlist and we necked a few vodka jellies before we went off to get our weekend started.

Our next Friday Night Yoga Parties are on Friday 14th November to old skool hip hop 6.45pm and Friday 13th February to LOVE anthems. Practising yoga together on a Friday night is good way to connect with your fellow Good Vibers and reminds us that we are all the same, and that which binds us together makes us stronger.

We look forward to seeing you on the mat for the next one, namaste.










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The importance of stretching

10 August 2014


S-t-r-e-t-c-h it out

We bumped into long standing client, Jennifer, in a Power Plate class, she doesn't really understand the importance of stretching after a class, perhaps she isn't alone?

Why is it important? Stretching develops an appropriate range of motion around the joints, releasing tight muscles and strengthening weaker muscles, creating a balance in your body mechanics.

Stretching also keeps your connective tissue pliant and juicy which will help you to move in a more integrated way. Stretching will also ensure that your body is balanced out after exercise to give you an open and youthful silhouette.

Stretching after a class will ensure that you keep a spring in your step at all ages.

So, don't miss out on the delicious benefits of stretches at the end of class!


Book a class

A few ways to add in stretching and releasing to your weekly routine:

Yoga will move you in multi-planes to get you out of your habitual patterning, whether sitting at desk all day or your favoured Sports. The added benefit of the Far infrared studios will help to reduce muscle soreness and inflammation as well as inducing the production of collagen to keep your joints juicy.

Pilates lengthens as well as strengthens all of your muscles to give you a balanced body with the above studio benefits.

Power Plates, your range of motion on is increased by 6 degrees more than doing the same exercise on the ground. It’s great for increasing flexibility and strength.

Try a class with Paola this week, she teaches a strong Pilates class using resistance bands working in spirals to leave your body feeling strong and open.

Book your classes in at the beginning of the week and stick to them, Tweet to let us know which ones you are going to this week. #GoodVibes


Coming up...

Rhia is holding a Power Plates techniques class with lots of individual adjustments at 2pm on Tuesday 12th August. 

If you have creaky knees, achy shoulders or wrists, come and learn how to adapt poses for your body. Covent Garden - book in.

Friday night Rave with Holly and vodka jellies on Friday 15th AugustBook in here.

Lightness of Being: Floating, jumpbacks and arm balances

with Matt will give you the tools to fly through your class. Saturday 13th September  - book in.

Yoga teachers, we have our first one day course on Sunday 14th September Develop your Authentic Voice for Teachers of Vinyasa Flow, you'll learn how to plan you classes intelligently, you'll get feedback on your teaching, you'll have a chance to connect with a community of yoga teachers and you'l learn how to teach in way that is authentic to you. £95 for the day. Book here.

Yoga for runners and Cyclists on the September 27th with Lexie. Book here.

Members, don't forget Good Vibes workshops are just £20 to you, book in at reception or call on 020 7240 6111.

It's Kathleen's last week, as she heads back to Canada, we are going out for a drink after her Sunday class.

Clare will take over Friday mornings, Nahid will take over Sunday mornings and Hayley will take over the Foundation on Tuesdays.

It's also goodbye to Sam S who is moving on to teaching, Mel and Richard take over her Power Plate classes.

Please join us in wishing them both lots of luck for their new adventures.

Timetables here

Matt takes over the Fitzrovia Friday morning class from this week onwards. Book in here.

Recommend a Friend

Members and those on active 10+ class passes, you can bring a friend to class for FREE for the whole month of August.

All you have to do is to send their details here.

And if your friend signs up to a 6 or 12 month membership we will give you a Birchbox of beauty goodies for FREE* - make sure that they give us your name on sign up.

Not yet a memberJoin today for unlimited classes at both studios. If there are a few of you joining from your company, check out our corporate rates.

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Hayley Johns - Glow Yoga Teacher

4 August 2014


Hayley is a Glow Yoga teacher, you can book into her classes here.

What is the best time of the day to practise/exercise?

I’d say, whenever your schedule allows, I can be found on my mat at all sorts of weird times of day. But the most important thing is that we do, even if it’s just for 15 mins!

 What do you recommend to eat before your class? after the class?

I do recommend that students don’t eat directly before class, but this means a don’t eat a 3 course meal immediately before stepping on your mat. I’m a grazer and often have to have a little veggie protein based snack prior to class, to keep my energy levels up and my mind off my tummy in Savasana. Post class, water, lots of it, and I love a smoothie with oats, fruit and almond milk.

What do you love about Good Vibes?

The broad spectrum of people that can be found in class; different bodies, different ages, shapes and sizes, levels. It’s so accessible. All moving and breathing (and sweating!) as one.

What do you teach in class?

I teach a good ol’ slow flow, with lots of focus on the integration of the core body, alignment cues and breath work, in order to keep the nervous system in balance, even when we are standing on our hands! I’m also a big fan of therapeutic work and a total prop nut. We get all the toys out in my classes.

How will I feel after your class?

Ahhhhh, well that’s up to you... I know how I’d like you to feel, but I never ever presume how the practice is going to move you on any given day. All that I ask is, in the space and the time we share you find something of your very own, that will inspire you every day.

Tell us something surprising about yourself...

For all my talk of slow, mindful movement, my hobbies seem to be the total opposite! I can often be found throwing myself down snowy mountain slopes with a board strapped to my feet or paddling out in to the ocean ready to be thrown to shore on a surfboard.

Hayley Johns was introduced to yoga as a teen and it’s been a constant in her life since. A committed yoga nerd for well over 15 years, she’s been sharing her passion by teaching, since qualifying (RYT 200) through apprenticeship with Lara Baumann in 2008. She guides students to embody their own inner awareness, and aside from occasional talk about the moon, she is completely down to earth and light hearted. Always encouraging her students to be completely present, at home in their bodies; reclaiming intuition and resilience, increasing our ability for compassion, strength and healing.

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Make LOVE not WAR

3 August 2014


Feeling frisky

The sun is out, everyone is outside and we're getting a little hot and bothered. Who isn't drawn to someone who oozes confidence and happiness? Feeling good in your skin is a great route to a great sex life.

Need convincing? Here are 3 reasons why getting fit will improve your sex life:

Body confidence - in a recent survey 25% said they preferred to have sex with the lights off because they were ashamed of their bodies and that was just the men!

You don't need to be an God/Goddess to attract others but getting fitter gives you greater body confidence. You only ever get the one body, summer IS the time to start loving the skin you are in.

Stamina - your stamina in bed can be improved by staying fit. Regular exercise will promote good blood flow and give you the energy to keep on keeping on.

Pelvic floor - this is made up of muscles that form a sling from the pubic bone at the front of the body to the tailbone at the back of the body.

These muscles support your internal organs as well as support your bladder and bowels (very important part of post natal care).

Good pelvic tone is important for men as well as they also help to keep up the ahem scaffolding.

An easy way to tone these muscles is to step on the Power Plates for effortless strengthening.

Yoga and Pilates help you to strengthen and mobilise these muscles but no need to squeeze or pull up - just think about a lift from the pelvic floor to the roof of the mouth and you're engaging them.


Coming up...

In honour of the 50th anniversary of the Notting Hill Carnival, the whole month of August is Carnival time in the Glow Cycle studio so giddy up and get in the saddle!

Don't miss our specialist classes, Glow Cycle for Beginners is on Tuesday 5th August at 5.45pm with Rhia at Fitzrovia - book your place.

Rhia is also going through Power Plates techniques class with lots of individual adjustments at 2pm on Tuesday 12th August at Covent Garden - book in.

Clare takes over the Tuesday Foundation class at Covent Garden at 6pm - now's the time to get into yoga -  book in here.

Choi is taking over Mondays at 6pm in Covent Garden for the whole month of August, while Adam is on a course. Join her lively classes here.

Don't miss out on Bikini Body Pilates Bootcamp with Antonia on Saturday 9th August - book in.

Friday night Rave with Holly and vodka jellies on Friday 15th August. Book in here.

Lightness of Being: Floating, jumpbacks and arm balances

with Matt will give you the tools to fly through your class. Saturday 13th September  - book in.

Members, don't forget Good Vibes workshops are just £20 to you, book in at reception or call on 020 7240 6111.

Not yet a member?

Join today for unlimited classes at both studios. If there are a few of you joining from your company, check out our corporate rates.

Timetables here.

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Lightness of Being - Floating, Jumpbacks and Arm Balances

3 August 2014


Saturday 13th September 2014 3-5 pm £25 BOOK NOW

From the moment he saw his first yoga teacher lift into a handstand, Matt has had a fascination for arm balances - he believes they bring a sense of joy, playfulness and fun exploration to the practice.

Over the years he has come to understand that the practice of arm balances is much more a question of refined technique than it is of pure strength. What might at first seem to be a challenging pose can in fact be relatively simple once you come to understand some of the basic principles and methods to practicing arm balances - techniques that Matt will explore with you in this workshop. We will use props and show you all the steps needed to be light in your practice and float. Bring a sense of humour!

GoodVibes Matt yoga floating jumpbacks london from GoodVibes on Vimeo.

Matt believes that yoga is a wonderful gift for creating balance in our lives. He is a British Wheel of Yoga and Yoga Alliance accredited teacher and an assistant asana tutor on the Triyoga teacher training program. By combining dynamic flowing sequences with fun and playful elements, Matt’s intention is that his classes will leave you feeling energised and uplifted.


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