Stuck in a fitness hump?

18 May 2014


Do the same thing, get the same results

You flow with grace and your arm balances are the envy of the room, you can easily manage 25 minutes of a Power plate while chatting to the person next to you. But how fit are you really?

When we do the same thing, we get good at doing that same thing. But to keep your body and mind challenged, it’s time to push yourself a little bit more.

This week we challenge you to add in a Glow CycleGlow Pilates class AND a Glow Ballet Tone class.

These classes are designed to work you in a different ways, working your heart, working you in multi-planes and working the smaller muscles to pull in the bigger - often overworked - muscles.

Get over your fitness hump and watch your body shape change!

Here are a few challenges for you this week. Do let us know which classes you've loved this week on twitter @goodvibesstudio #GoodVibes


Glow Pilates

Eleah’s Pilates class lunchtime is rewardingly hard work – you will strengthen and lengthen muscles and connective tissue in places you haven’t felt for a while.

Her creative classes will pull your body open in all planes, you will leave her class having worked every muscle in every way.

Or try Kate's Pilates on a Monday morning 7.30am - a great way to start your week.

Book in here


Glow Ballet Tone

The Glow Ballet Tone,  our signature Ballet and Pilates conditioning class.

A high energy  conditioning class uses weight bearing exercise, dancers conditioning technique, and strength training. Through the interval cardio training the metabolic rate is elevated to produce a long, lean and toned physique.

Meet Ida who has a dance background and teaches the rocking Saturday class, she will make sure that you work hard.

AvaAntonia and Eleah also teach Glow Ballet Tone, look out for the NEW Thursday night 7.30pm class at Covent Garden - book here to change your body shape.


Glow Cycle

Glow Cycle classes are exhilarating and it's SO good to sweat!

Pedalling to the music in the ultimate interval training class, cardio and strength training is the best way to melt the fat.

Our classes are designed to work you efficiently  - no faffy arm movements just powering through an interval ride - you will see the results fast.

We have different times throughout the week try the 5.45pm class on Monday with Chloe or Wednesday with Neil - which means that you will be out by 6.15pm or be a warrior and take on a double cycle class as your challenge this week!

Meet Nadine, her Saturday classes are getting rave reviews! Nadine discovered her passion for indoor and outdoor cycling when injury curtailed her long distance running career. Her classes are structured, focused and fun with an energetic soundtrack that will guarantee you leave feeling energised and motivated.

Book in here.

See you in class!

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Qi Wellness Open Day - Relax and Recharge for Free!

18 May 2014



Saturday 24th May 10.30 am - 2.30 pm 

Free Head, Neck and Shoulder  15 minute Treatments

Meet our new therapists Qi Wellness, who offer Qi therapy, a powerful energy healing treatment, originating from South Korea from ancient oriental wisdom.

Qi practitioners use acupressure to stimulate energy and blood flow, detoxifying the body, whilst using a breathing technique to release tension and stress.

Treatments support the body’s vital functions and enhance its repairing and regenerative mechanisms. Qi practitioners use acupressure on the whole body to stimulate energy and blood flow, detoxifying the body, whilst using a breathing technique to release tension and stress.

They are offering 15 min taster sessions for FREE Saturday on 24th May, book in at [email protected] or call 020 7240 6111

NEW clients get 50% off a 45 minute session for their first session, click here for more details.


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Kick your butt!

12 May 2014



Gluteal Amnesia alert!

Did you know that office workers suffer from Gluteal Amnesia ( thank you for alerting us Grazia!) This is where your bottom muscles forget how to do their job because you sit down all day -  yikes!

Luckily at Good Vibes we have classes that will kick your butt back into shape.

4 Easy steps to a shapely derriere:

Power Plates – known as the ultimate fat burner – gives good bottom! The vibrations work on even the smaller muscles fibres in the whole body to support the bigger muscles. Bottoms visibly lift in just a few session!  Book in.

Glow Cycle – an interval based class where not only do you burn off the fat but you also get seriously toned legs and butt.  You’ll also ride yourself fitter week by week! One client recently lost 1 stone in 8 weeks with Power plates and Glow Cycle – it could be you!  Book in.

Glow Yoga – work it all out in multi-planes – the body likes to move the fascia the underlying structure of your skin likes to move to keep everything supple and fluid. The Far infrared induces the production of collaged which is good for your face and your butt! Book in.

Glow Ballet Tone – is designed to do just that, this class tones up bottom and legs working on every muscle in 360 degrees. Book in.

Flat bottomed girls ( and boys!) get going, gold hot pants here we come!

#Tweet to let us know which combination of classes worked for you!

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Nadine Griffiths - Glow Cycle Teacher

10 May 2014


Nadine is a Glow Cycle teacher, you can book into her classes here.

What is the best time of the day to exercise?

Any time of day is good.  Choose a time that you prefer and you will work harder and enjoy it more!

What do you recommend to eat before your class? After the class?

I always start the day with lean protein, usually eggs.  This balances blood sugar levels and eliminates hunger and cravings throughout the day.

Lunch and dinner are timed for after my workouts but if I am caught short for energy before or after then a Bounce Ball hits the spot perfectly!

What do you love about Good Vibes?

The name is definitely apt and the studio’s emit pure pleasure.

Offering three very different activities, each with dynamic and fun programs complimentary of each other, provides a convenient & productive way to achieve a full body & wellbeing workout.

Knowledgable and friendly instructors, teachers and staff create a personable and fun environment.

What do you teach in class?

One goal we all share is that we want maximum benefits in minimum time. Fitter, Stronger & Leaner in short sessions.

Whether your goal is improved fitness, training for an event, or to release some weight,  my High Intensity Interval Training classes are designed to help get you there quicker, with a program of strength, speed and power intervals. I will help to motivate you to unleash your


My classes are structured, focused & fun, whilst riding to party vibe soundtracks ensures that time flies. You won’t even realise how hard you are working!

How will I feel after your class?

Deservedly smug if you worked beyond your comfort zone!  You will recover surprisingly quickly, feeling energised by the time you have showered.  Worked out not worn out! The endorphins will keep you feeling great and wanting more!  Knowing your metabolism is on fire for long after you’ve left the building ensures the effort is worthwhile.

Tell us something surprising about yourself…

Wear and tear from long distance running finally caught up with me following the London Marathon one year.  I quit but it took a few years to find a new fitness passion in which time I put on 2stone! Within a couple of months of discovering the joys and benefits of indoor and outdoor cycling I dropped all the weight and more and am now stronger and feel great!  I become an instructor to share fitness knowledge and to empower, inspire and motivate others to achieve their goals.

Nadine Griffiths discovered her passion for indoor and outdoor cycling when injury curtailed her long distance running career. Her classes are structured, focused and fun with an energetic soundtrack that will guarantee you leave feeling energised and motivated.

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Share the #GoodVibes

8 May 2014

#GoodVibesVestNEW IN #GoodVibes vest

Our NEW #GoodVibes American Apparel vests are in!

Available in orange, pink, red and burgundy available in small and medium £14.

Buy one in each colour and share the #GoodVibes, send us a picture of you in your vest and we'll pop the best ones up on our Facebook page.

They will be in the studios over the next few weeks but you can be the first to buy from Covent Garden this week!

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It's time for change!

8 May 2014


The Good Vibes ME-tox!

If you are looking to make changes to your life, a nurturing yoga holiday gives you the mental and physical space to decide who you want to be, think of it as a ME-tox.

Good Vibes Founder, Nahid de Belgeonne says,

“ I went on my first yoga holiday in Turkey 13 years ago just after I left a very well paid but soul-less job. The holiday helped me to release pent up tension, creating the space for me to dream about where I wanted to go next. When I came back I started the transition from the world of technology to the world of well being and from this Good Vibes was born!"

Give yourself compassionate leave and join Nahid and founding Glow yoga and Pilates teacher Ruth, on a week long yoga holiday in Suleyman’s Gardens, Turkey - 9th -16th June.

Set on the turquoise coast, this charming traditional farm with terraced vegetable gardens, orchards, bountiful gardens and breathtaking sea views, gives you an opportunity to transform your physical and mental well being.

We start the day with a luxurious long yang yoga practice that progresses throughout the week. After brunch, there is  lots of time to walk, read, swim and just be. In the early evening we practice a long restorative yin yoga session with meditation and yoga nidra.

We all eat together every evening with a glorious view of the setting sun.

You'll improve your fitness, flexibility, mobility, learn new skills as well as relax completely. The fresh, organic, vegetarian food and of course the beautiful sea and surroundings will support you in nourishing mind, body and soul.

This holiday is suitable for beginners and those with a more advanced practice.

Price: £795 based on sharing and includes all meals, accommodation and teaching.

For further detail, please click here, we accept payment by card, paypal or bank transfer.

Share the #GoodVibes

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Fitzrovia open day, try a class for £5!

5 May 2014



Come to our Fitzrovia studio open day starting at 7.30am on  Thursday 15th May.

All classes on the day will be £5! Call up 0207 580 1276 or pop in to book.

Choose from Glow Pilates, Glow Yoga, Glow Ballet Tone, Glow Cycle or Power Plates to start you on the road to a hot summer bod!

LIJA will join us to showcase their beautiful new collection and handing out 25% discount vouchers to redeem online.

Join the team from 5pm onwards for nibbles and fizz.

Leave your business card with us on the day and you'll get entered into a FREE prize draw to win a 10 class pass and LIJA clothing worth £150!

Share the #GoodVibes and let your friends know.

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