Dimuthu Fonsecka - Glow Yoga Teacher

30 April 2014



Dimuthu is a Glow Yoga teacher, you can book into her classes here.

What is the best time of the day to practise/exercise?


What do you recommend to eat before your class? After the class?

It’s recommended you don't eat for 1-2 hours before practising yoga. Afterwards however, drink plenty of water and my favourite is a blended juice - orange, apple, carrot, ginger comes with my highest recommendation.

What do you love about Good Vibes?

The students and the warm glow in the studios.

What do you teach in class?

I teach a dynamic flow - you'll definitely feel challenged, stronger and uplifted also.

How will I feel after your class?

Like you tried something that you never thought you would and you're really glad you came.

Tell us something surprising about yourself…

I'm a super keen snowboarder and recently parkour has sparked my interest.

Dimuthu Fonsecka has been practising yoga for many years and is a passionate and inspirational teacher. Her classes combine a dynamic practice with a deep focus on the breath to allow your yoga practice to resemble a moving meditation. Dimuthu’s classes will both challenge you physically and uplift you spiritually. With a background in Ashtanga Vinyasa, Vinyasa Flow and Yin, Dimuthu brings a strong knowledge of technique and alignment to all her classes as well as a sense of fun.

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Good Vibes in the Evening Standard

30 April 2014



Good Vibes in the Evening Standard on warm yoga- we were the first to offer warm  yoga in London over 3 years ago and the first infrared heated yoga studio in Europe:

" Ballet tone, Pilates and yoga classes at Good Vibes Vibes, in Covent Garden and Fitzrovia, use Far infrared lamps to create an environment of 27 degrees and SAD lighting to improve mood.

Founder and director Nahid de Belgeonne, who swears by Far infrared, says they use it to nourish the mind, body and soul rather than being an endurance test."

She says it energises the body, improves the nervous system and circulation and increases oxygen to cells - unlike hot yoga, which she says can dehydrate. de Belgeonne adds: "To keep the skin and bodily systems youthful, you need to keep the whole body hydrated".




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Emily Hill - Glow Yoga Teacher

30 April 2014



Emily is a Glow Yoga teacher, you can book into her classes here.

What is the best time of the day to practice/exercise?

Each to their own I'm all for what serves the individual it depends on your timetable, type of work type of person. I am told by a wise man, that everyone has a natural sleep clock that they are born with our blue print sleep clock I guess - so without the science we are either happy to wake early and start the day or need those extra few hours before starting, you can change it slightly but it will never feel natural to rise early if that’s not how you're set to function. I am not an early riser - my favorite time to practice is around 9am, however this is a luxury I have, being self-employed.

What do you recommend to eat before your class? After the class? 

I recommend eating little right before class all those inversion being in down dog with a full tummy not so fun. However being a woman my blood sugar levels can be sensitive so its also not a great idea to practice on empty some thing light maybe fruit or juice an hour before. After practicing its time to reward our fabulous body and feed our muscles a little protein is great in what ever form suits you depending on the time of the day. Our body is open to absorb proteins after exercise but only up 20grams at a time so don't over do it.

What do you love about Good Vibes? 

In the yoga world, that London is rapidly joining...its seems the easiest way to become a "known" teacher is by the shock factor going hard with poses squishing everything into one hour twisting the body into what ever shapes we can. When in some cases this can isolate some people from the class, from returning to a class, from progressing with their practice. At Good vibes we offer classes that are creative, challenging but also safe giving longevity and pleasure to our practice and our bodies. We take out the shock factor and invite each and every person to join with options and offerings for all. Yoga is not about being the best in the class its about being the best you.

What do you teach in class? 

I teach people to meet themselves where they are at on that day, to smile, to breathe, to enjoy themselves and find joy in life!

How will I feel after your class? 

Hopefully you will feel, fearless, ready to face the world with grace and calm. (however I only have an hour!)

Emily Hill started yoga aged 18. She trained in Costa Rica and India, where she immersed herself in yoga for 2 months. She continues to update her understanding and offers a creative and intelligent flow with a focus on alignment. She aims to leave students feeling strong, happy and well balanced. She is a friendly approachable teacher always happy to answer questions in class.

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Keep young and beautiful

28 April 2014

Nahid, Director and Founder of Good Vibes, turns 47 in May, so she is very keen to stay as youthful as possible and as naturally as possible.

As you get older your fascia - the underlying structure that connects everything together -  starts to dehydrate, it needs movement to keep it supple and hydrated.

If you missed Nahid's Get the Glow Yang and Yin for Beauty workshop, here are a few facial yoga and acupressure to keep your face glowing.

facial yoga 1


Start by releasing the muscles and connective tissue of your jaw. They can get tight here from grinding our teeth so this is a good place to start to release tension and soften the fascia.




facial yoga 1


In Eastern medicine our life force, prana or Qi travel along pathways called meridians. In various points on the body these meridian points are close enough to the surface to access.

Facial acupressure improves the metabolism and blood circulation to the skin.

facial yoga 1



Hold a light pressure on the bone of the eye socket - never soft tissue- on the points marked A, B, C, D and E ( shown in the diagram above).

hold the pressure for 10 seconds, remove the fingers, take a deep breath in and out and repeat for 3 times at each point. Have your face turned down towards the floor as you do this. This helps to reduce dark circles and puffiness in the eyes.

facial yoga 1


Lightly tap your fingers like rain drops on the lower eye socket working from the inside of the eye outwards and do the same at your upper eye socket - that's one set.

Repeat for 5 to 10 sets keeping your face turned downwards. This helps to reduce puffiness and dark circles.


facial yoga 1

Look forwards and lift your chin slightly. Smile evenly and then stick your tongue out and try to touch your nose, hold for 10 seconds and then reach your tongue to the right, and then reach your tongue to the left holding both sides for 10 seconds.

Put the tongue back in your mouth and close mouth as you lower your chin. Repeat 2 more times. This is a good  lifting exercise for sagging chins and to lift skin on the neck and the decolletage.

facial yoga 1


To tone the neck, Look forwards, smile evenly and show your teeth, take an inhale and then on an exhale make a "heeeeeee" sound to fully exhale.

Repeat this 10 times. To finish close your eyes, take a breath in fully and slowly breath out fully. Slowly open your eyes.



Do this every morning and notice a tighter and fresher face looking back at you in the mirror.

The three simple rules of keeping youthful are movement, rest and nutrition. As well as regular facials and the above exercises, Nahid swears by her regular Glow Yoga practice in our bespoke Far infra red studios, which not only soothes inflammation but also induces the production of collagen, she also eats a lot of leafy greens and oily fish and practises restorative yoga daily.

Keep an eye on the workshops page Nahid's timetable is here.

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Kate Bishop - Glow Pilates Teacher

28 April 2014


Kate is a Glow Pilates teacher, you can book into her classes here.

When is the best time of day to practise/exercise:

There is nothing like an early morning workout to start the day with a spring in your step! It boosts both your mood and metabolism for the day ahead.

What do you recommend to eat before your class? After the class?

Before my breakfast Pilates class - usually I eat a huge bowl of berries, greek yoghurt, honey and walnuts along with hot water and fresh lemon juice. I grab a banana and Nakd bar straight after class. After Cardio classes quinoa, roasted vegetables and goats cheese hits the spot for me!

What do you love about Good Vibes?

I love the students- they are really up for a challenge. I also love the sense of community in the studios.

What do you teach in class?

I start the class with a warm up based on STOTT principles. We then do an all over body blast focusing on the abs, glutes, thighs and chest to ensure that every inch of your body has been pushed to the limits. Expect to work hard with plank and squat challenges every week!

How will I feel after your class?

You will leave the class feeling energised for the day ahead and hopefully with a smile on your face!

Tell us something surprising about yourself…

I have really tiny feet- I'm a size 13!

Kate Bishop has been a Dance and Fitness instructor for over 3 years- teaching STOTT Pilates, Total Barre, Zenga, HIIT, Boxfit, Indoor cycling, Zumba, body conditioning, and belly dance boot camp, as well as children's street dance and baby ballet across studios, gyms and schools in London. Kate holds a Diploma in Contemporary Dance from the University of Middlesex and has also trained with the YMCA in Exercise to Music and Indoor Cycling.

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Melanie Smith - Glow Pilates and Power Plates Teacher

28 April 2014


Melanie is a Glow Pilates and Power Plates teacher, you can book into her classes here.

What is the best time of day to practise/exercise?

This is very personal to everyone and depends on your own natural bio rhythms, you're either a morning person or you're not! I am a morning person and love to get my training done first thing, on an empty stomach, as I generally do a lot of HIIT training involving plyometric movements. There is nothing better than a good session first thing, your body is flooded with feel good endorphins for the rest of the day and your EPOC is elevated (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption) for longer than if you train later in the day. And it also gives you time to fit in another session later on if you feel so inclined....a little early evening yoga anyone?

What do you recommend you eat before the class? After the class?

Personally I do not eat anything heavy 2-3 hours before a class, but if this is not an option and you simply must eat, then a light snack of protein and complex carbohydrate is advisable. This might be half a Banana and a handful of almonds, a yogurt and some lean ham....or if I'm really in a rush I might have a protein shake which is easy to grab on the go.

What do you love about Good Vibes?

The whole atmosphere at Good Vibes is positive and uplifting, and working for them is proving to be a real joy. Nahid and her staff team is encouraging and supportive but also has very high standards, so it is an honour to be employed by her. Far too many studios do not take an interest in the quality of their class content and it is refreshing to work somewhere that cares so professionally about their clients’ experience.

What do you teach in class?

My power plate and Pilates class are a full body workout and will tackle the muscles groups in equal proportions. It is essential that we create muscular balance in order that the body does not develop dominant muscle groups which can throw posture out of alignment and potentially cause injury. For this reason I ensure that we train opposing muscle groups, for example if we tackle press ups then an equal amount of time will be spent developing strength in the back also. With regards to my Pilates practice I love the classic forms of Joseph Pilates original series of 34 exercises and will aim to build up to these during a class or a series of classes.

How will I feel after your class?

Happy, energised and alive!

I hope that on leaving my class you shall feel as if your body has had a good physical workout, but also that you have experienced the benefits that mindful exercise can bring about. I aim to educate as well as physically train the body so you should know a little bit more about your own posture and how your body moves. This understanding and acceptance of your own individual strengths and limitations will prove to be a useful skill you can take into all exercise situations, maybe making necessary adjustments or choosing to leave out particular movements or postures that don't suit.

Tell us something surprising about yourself…

I am a qualified pole dance fitness instructor and love nothing more than spinning around and turning upside down on the pole! My own exercise regime involves a lot of athletic, gymnastic based movements which develop my own dynamic, flexible strength. In my spare time you shall usually find me in some studio somewhere pretending to be a circus performer!

Melanie Smith is a personal trainer and Pilates instructor, her biggest joy is teaching a challenging, strong group Pilates class as she loves the energy and atmosphere created and the huge emotional and physical benefits that mindful exercise can bring to her clients. Her emphasis during class is on postural alignment and she creates a flowing sequence of exercises which are tough but achievable.

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WIN a FREE Neom post-yoga pampering pack

28 April 2014




Neom are offering one lucky winner the chance to receive a POST-YOGA PAMPERING PACK worth over £100. A selection of treatments designed to ease aching muscles and prolong your relaxed post-workout state.

Using pure essential oils and famed for their stress-relieving and uplifting qualities, Neom’s home fragrance and body care products are perfect for yoga-lovers looking to relax and unwind.

One winner will be chosen to receive this hamper which contains a Relax Home Candle, the award-winning and sleep inducing Tranquillity Bath Foam, the delicately feminine and calming Sumptuous Travel Candle and a deeply nourishing Complete Bliss Body Oil, the perfect way to wind down after an invigorating yoga class.

To enter simply click here. This competition is open to the ends On May 31st 2014 usual T&Cs apply.

For more exciting offers, sign up to the Good Vibes newsletter here.

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Getting Upside-Down - Inversion Workshop

28 April 2014


Saturday 10th May 2014 3-5 pm £25 BOOK NOW

Inversions can take you to the edge of your strength and flexibility as well as fears of failure and injury. Confront these edges safely and learn proper technique to move into postures like handstand, forearm stand and headstand or deepen your experience of them. In one way or another, everyone will go upside down and experience the energetic and emotional sensations these poses deliver with a wallop. Open to those with some experience.

Adam Hocke believes our yoga practice leads us to greater creativity, peace, and community – finding strength in our bodies to find strength in our mind, spirit and heart. His refreshing and accessible approach to yoga and teaching will leave you with a huge smile on your face. Adam has been practising yoga for over 10 years with certification through the BWY accredited training course at Triyoga, London.

Members, call 020 7240 6111 or pop in to a studio to receive 20% off all workshops. Not a member yet? Click HERE to see all of our membership options.

Held at Covent Garden Studio.

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Meet the Experts

28 April 2014



Fads may come and fads may go but at Good Vibes we are all about the expert teaching, meet a few of our teachers.

Rhia is a master teacher and teaches Power Plates andGlow Cycle classes at Good Vibes.

She loves the diversity of the clients at the studios and believes in fun and functional training for every one of all abilities.

Rhia has been teaching group exercise for over 3 years. When she is not training others, including the Good Vibes teacher training programmes, Rhia is also a professional wrestler and the current Women's Champion in Switzerland.

Book in here.

Eleah has been practising Pilates in a variety of ways for over nine years.

Eleah always thinks on her feet and manipulates exercises to be specific to the postures and/or injuries of her clients.

Clients say they feel taller, stronger and more aware of their physicality after her classes.

She teaches Pilates and Glow Ballet Tone at lunchtmes.

Book in here.

Mel is a Pilates and now a Power Plates teacher, her biggest joy is teaching a challenging, strong group class as she loves the energy and atmosphere created and the huge emotional and physical benefits that mindful exercise can bring to her clients.

Her emphasis during class is on postural alignment and she creates a flowing sequence of exercises which are tough but achievable. Above all else expect to have fun - the perfect combination of laughter and sweat!

Book in here

Yannis is a passionate teacher who will motivate you, and is guaranteed to make you work up a sweat. He offers realistic goals and fun classes where all types of riders are challenged.

He believes that Glow Cycle is the best way to attain a high level of cardiovascular fitness, while keeping your body fat percentage low. His background as an exercise physiologist means he knows how to make his clients achieve their fitness goals and reach their full potential.

Yannis has been teaching indoor cycling classes for seven remarkable years – you will leave his class feeling uplifted and buzzing with energy. Book in to burn off the fat. It's the last week of mindfulness month but it doesn't end here - make conscious movement and actions a life long habit.

A few tips from Clive on how to meditate.

We'll keep going despite the strike this week, here's how to get to us regardless!

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