Move a lot!

2 March 2014


Sitting at a desk all day can lead to all sorts of issues from poor posture to stiff muscles and connective tissue.

Back pain is one of the most common complaints of office workers and is the most common cause of long term sickness in the workplace after stress. The best way to combat back pain is to keep active.

Make excuses to get up more, write a to do list and after every task get up and get a glass of water.

When the phone rings get up to answer it and stretch before you sit down again.

Or be bold and raise the height of your desk so you spend most of your day standing. Make sure you have an adjustable seat so that you can take sitting breaks.

Sit on the floor to read documents to open the hips.

Climb the stairs to the next floor several times a day, a little bit of movement throughout your day adds to your activity bank.

Moving in your lunch hour means you fit in some time for you in the working day. Go for  a walk and get some fresh air or to get your blood pumping book in for a 25 minute Power Plate class, no need for a shower afterwards and you'll still have time to grab lunch on your way back.

Poor posture is also a common cause of back pain. Improve your posture and walk taller by including Glow Pilates as part of your weekly classes.

Eleah is teaching a Glow Pilates for Supple Backs workshop on Saturday 22nd March 3-5 pm - the perfect antidote to hunching forwards in your office chair. Book Now.

Zofia is teaching a Happy Hips workshop on Saturday 15th March 3pm - 5pm - opening up around the hips causes a lot of release up and down

Open plan offices are great for promoting a social work environment, but studies have shown the noise and constant interruption can cause a depletion of energy levels. Some people also suffer with breathing issues from spending a lot of time in air conditioned offices.

End your day with a  Glow Yoga class. A yoga practice will help you to find your calm by getting you to focus on your breath. You will learn techniques to stay emotionally resilient, no matter what your environment.

Aside from being inactive for a large part of your day, the office is often filled with  sugary snacks to combat the afternoon slump. Glow Cycle is a great way to burn off those extra pounds that can creep on in the calorific office environment, a 45 minute class can burn up to 700 calories!

Get moving! 



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Eleah Waters - Glow Pilates Teacher

2 March 2014


Eleah is a Pilates and Glow Ballet Tone teacher, you can book into her classes here.

What is the best time of the day to practise/exercise?

I love to exercise at around 10am. It's enough time to let my breakfast digest as I plan where I'm going to be that day. Work hard for an hour and then you've still got the rest of the day ahead of you.

What do you recommend to eat before your class? After the class?

Before class I often eat a boiled egg. After class I try to have a meal with protein and good fats, no gluten or dairy.

What do you love about Good Vibes?

Good Vibes is a sexy place to work. Clients come to work hard and sweat. The studios get packed. The classes end with calm. All good things.

What do you teach in class?

I'll make you feel human again.

Tell us something surprising about yourself…

I love to pole dance!

Eleah Waters has been practising pilates in a variety of ways for over nine years. What began as a method of rehabilitation for the odd injury as a professional dancer, soon became an invaluable tool to create balance, posture, efficient bio-mechanics, and strength in the whole body. As a certified STOTT pilates instructor her classes reflect a fluid and dynamic practice concentrating on alignment and stabilization, with a more contemporary approach to the exercise method pioneered by the late Joseph Pilates. Whilst originally from Melbourne, Eleah has been living, working and dancing in London for the last four years.

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