Seven tips to enjoy your life

24 February 2014



Life is short and sweet so it's important that we remember to live it well. Here are a few tips to help you find the joy in your life each and every day.

1. Take time to notice the small things. Remembering to appreciate small things like a crisp freshness in the air, noticing the first of this years daffodils starting to come through, or the courtesy of a stranger in this morning's rush hour - all will help you to feel more positive.

2. Do less, get more done. Having a 'to do' list as long as your arm sets you up to fail before you have even started. Set yourself achievable goals of no more than 6 main tasks and give yourself a pat on the back when you're done.

3. Count your blessings. Chances are you have many things in your life to be grateful for. Being thankful will ensure you are much happier than dwelling on the bad things.

4. Take a deep breath. We learn about the calming effect of breathing in our Glow Yoga practice. Focus on your breathing in times of stress or anxiety will help you feel centred and more able to deal with any issues.

5. Be courageous.  Have a go, who cares if you fail? Being bolder in life gives you better options.

6. Accept the things you can't change. There are some things in this life that we have absolutely no control over, if you can't change your fate you can change your attitude to your fate.

7. Come to class! Exercise is a sure fire way to find your equilibrium. Get your endorphins pumping with Glow Cycle, find your inner calm in Glow Yoga and tone up all over with Power Plates - we guarantee you'll feel better if you do!

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Friday Night Yoga Party!

14 February 2014


Friday 28th February 6.45-8.45 pm £25 BOOK NOW

Yoga, Pop, and Bubbly! Start your weekend off with an evening of flow yoga set to the soundtrack of camp pop music classics. Celebrate the joy of moving breath and energy through the body, turning upside down, and finding balance. Learn to have fun with your practice and sweat away the work week with a no-stress and all-fun flow. Finish with a glass of bubbly and a send-off into a night of adventure.

Adam Hocke believes our yoga practice leads us to greater creativity, peace, and community – finding strength in our bodies to find strength in our mind, spirit and heart. His refreshing and accessible approach to yoga and teaching will leave you with a huge smile on your face.

Members, call 020 7240 6111 or pop in to a studio to receive 20% off all workshops. Not a member yet? Click HERE to see all of our membership options.

Held at Covent Garden Studio

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7 reasons to show a little self compassion

14 February 2014



Now that Valentines is over,  Good Vibes wants you all to take the time to give yourself some loving attention. Here are the 7 top reasons why you should love yourself a little more.

1. Self-love attracts love. If you're still looking for your perfect partner or nourishing friends, a little bit of self-love will help you attract what your are looking for. Confidence and love for yourself is infectious, and if you can't love yourself, why would anyone else spend time with you?

2. Look after yourself. Whether this means booking into classes to keep fit and mobile, eating food that nourishes you or getting out to walk in the fresh air -  a little dose of daily self care will help you to form lifelong good habits.

3. Love yourself and achieve more. Accepting ourselves for who we are will help get rid of toxic emotions like self-doubt, leaving you free to achieve the things that you really want without your inner chattering holding you back.

4. Find a 24/7 best friend in you. Nobody can really know you better than you know yourself, you are with you all 24 hours a day, 365 days a year! Loving yourself means you will enjoy your own company and never feel alone.

5. Love yourself and look younger. Live life with confidence and find the joy in everything that you do. Wearing a smile and being open will take years off your face.

6. Don't be a doormat. When we truly appreciate and love ourselves, we know and value our worth. Not letting people take advantage in our relationships will make your life happier and more fulfilling.

7. You are unique. There is only one you, you are 100% unique and there will never be anyone exactly like you,  celebrate your uniqueness and don't waste energy comparing yourself to others.

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Glow Pilates for Supple Backs

14 February 2014


Saturday 22nd March 2014 3-5 pm £25 BOOK NOW

This workshop has been designed for anyone who sits at a desk all day. You will learn techniques to release and lengthen the spine, address imbalances whilst strengthening the back to ensure the best possible support. Being aware of our bodies in relation to gravity is crucial in the quest to develop a positive support rather than put strain on your back muscles, which can lead to pain and spinal problems. This workshop will teach you how to coordinate your muscles to support you effortlessly.

Eleah Waters has been practising Pilates in a variety of ways for over nine years. What began as a method of rehabilitation for the odd injury as a professional dancer, soon became an invaluable tool to create balance, posture, efficient bio-mechanics, and strength in the whole body. As a certified STOTT pilates instructor Eleah’s classes reflect a fluid and dynamic practice concentrating on alignment and stabilization, with a more contemporary approach to the exercise method pioneered by the late Joseph Pilates. Eleah always thinks on her feet and manipulates exercises to be specific to the postures and/or injuries of her clients. Clients say they feel taller, stronger and more aware of their physicality after her classes.

Members, call 020 7240 6111 or pop in to a studio to receive 20% off all workshops. Not a member yet? Click HERE to see all of our membership options.

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Glow Yoga for Happy Hips

14 February 2014


Saturday 15th March 3-5 pm BOOK NOW

Do you sit at a desk for long hours, cycle and run loads? This 2 hour hip-opening workshop could be just what you need.

We’ll prepare the body through a warming yoga flow and then jump right into standing, seated and supine hip openers to increase range of movement in the joints and muscles of the hip area, while stabilising and strengthening the pelvis, hips and lower spine to open and condition these areas.

This workshop allows us to examine the anatomy of the hips and discover what is actually happening in the postures, moving safely through each pose so that you will be able to deepen your own practice, improving alignment and circulation and ultimately learning tools to counteract tension and tightness as it builds. You’ll leave feeling freer, lighter and happier.

Zofia Hennelly began practising yoga after injury had curtailed her professional ballet career fifteen years ago. The profound impact of the practice led her to complete her teacher training with Yoga Campus in 2008. Her teaching comes from the desire to help people find embodiment – to understand how to work with the body to develop strength and kinaesthetic awareness, while building the relationship between breath and movement to ultimately release and liberate body and mind.

£25, or £20 for Good Vibes Members

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Mix up your fitness routine to get the body you want

9 February 2014



Good Vibes is a place where everyone can achieve their fitness goals, whether you're looking to drop a dress size, build strength and muscle tone or improve fitness and flexibility.

The key thing to remember, whatever your aims may be, is that a blend of different exercises will get you to your goals faster, here's how it works.

I want to drop a dress size. Try Power Plates + Glow Cycle

When you drop a dress size, you won't necessarily see it on the scales. Muscle has a greater density than fat so it takes up less volume so while it's important to burn off the fat with  Glow Cycle classes,  for long term fat loss building muscle in our Power Plates classes is an essential ingredient. Our clients see a real difference where it counts - you will notice a difference after just three 25 minute sessions.

I want to build strength and muscle tone. Try Glow YogaPower Plates

If you're fit and healthy but want to improve your body's strength and definition Glow Yoga is a great place to start! The yoga poses will work your whole body in all three planes, using your body weight as resistance means that you build muscle in keeping with your frame. Power Plate classes will help you build core strength, and improve your mobility and flexibility as well as giving good bottom!

I want to improve fitness and flexibility. Try Glow Ballet Tone + Glow Yoga

Our new Glow Ballet Tone classes are a fab way to improve your overall fitness. These high energy classes combine dancers conditioning exercises with strength training - there's a reason those girls look so good: they work really hard! Adding Glow Yoga to your routine will loosen up your body from head-to-toe leaving your joints far more supple and flexible: you'll be up in a standing split before you know it!

I want to change my body shape - Glow Pilates will lengthen AND strengthen your muscles, Glow Yoga Bliss will release habitual tensions in the body and mind, Glow Cycle will burn the fat off to show off your tone and Power Plates will give you fast results that will keep you motivated.

Tweet to let us know which is your favourite fitness blend!

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Fitzrovia pop up event Thursday 6th February

5 February 2014

_MGL8045Avoid the tube strike chaos today and join us for a little soiree tonight at Good Vibes Fitzrovia between 4.30pm and 8pm.

There will be drinks, nibbles, a prize draw and exclusive one-off discounts from us and our friends, beautiful jewellery brand Satya, stylish leisure wear label Lorna Jane and the genius juicers at Plenish.NEW clients you can also try  a Power Plates, Glow Yoga, or Glow Cycle class for FREE for just today only! Please do let your friends know and do tweet to spread the word.Call 020 7580 1276 or email to book. You can choose any class on the day -  subject to availability and a consent form.Thursday 6th February timetable hereWe also have an on-the-day flash sale, buy 10 all class pass for just £100 ( usual price £160) at Fitzrovia studio only*

You need to buy at the desk or call up on the number above on the day only, do drop in with your business card for a chance to win a 10 all class pass worth £160 as well as a host of other exciting goodies!

Tweet if you’re coming down this Thursday – we can’t wait to see you! #GoodVibesFitzrovia

Getting around in the tube chaos - we are 15 mins walk away from the Covent Garden studio or the nearest tubes open are:

Euston and Tottenham Court Road station are the nearest tube stations open closest to the Fitzrovia studio and for Covent Garden studio,  Embankment and Waterloo tube stations are open today. You can plan your journey here.

*available 6th February at Fitzrovia only - the 10 all class pass is valid for 3 months from the date of purchase and the offer is strictly 2 purchases per person.

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10 fitness benefits that will make you WANT to exercise

5 February 2014

Exercise isn't just a means to an end in the quest for a beautiful body, there are many other benefits that you may not have thought about - the next time you feel like skipping class, read on.


1.  To keep your weight under control - perhaps this seems like an obvious one, but none the less it is well worth remembering. Regular exercise will help you to maintain your ideal weight - much less hassle than the latest fad diet.

2. Boost your mood. High intensity exercise like Glow Cycle will boost your endorphins and GABA (Gamma Aminobutyric Acid) levels, which will improve your mood no end.

3. Boost your immune system. Are you prone to picking up colds? Exercising helps to boost the cells in your body that fight bacteria because your heart and lungs are working more efficiently.

4. Keep your heart healthy. Heart Disease is a serious problem in the UK. Exercise will strengthen your heart and improve its functionality.

5. Get a good night's sleep. Getting a full eight hours sleep will help your body to recharge and mean you're ready to take on whatever the next day may throw at you. Glow Yoga Bliss, restorative yoga classes will teach you relaxation tips that will help you get your Zzzzzz's.

6. Improve your sex life. Not only will you feel more confident in your body with exercise, studies show regular exercise can lead to increased arousal for women, while active men are far less likely to experience erectile dysfunction. Our Dynamic Glow Yoga classes will also help improve flexibility. Your friends will envy your 'morning after glow'.

7. Get great skin. Sweating is great for opening up pores and helping you shed dead layers of skin to reveal a much fresher complexion. Our infrared heated studios also boost collagen production - join a Glow Ballet Tone class to kill two birds with one stone.

8. Improved eye health. Strange as it may seem - a study by Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science found that regular exercise may be linked to a decreased risk of developing glaucoma. Jump on a Power Plate to keep your peepers sparkling.

9. Sharper mind. Exercise helps increase blood flow to the brain - so why not join a lunch time class and avoid a caramel latte in the afternoon?

10. Live Longer. Want the secret to eternal youth? Exercise! A Taiwanese study found that even as little 15 minutes of physical activity a day can improve life expectancy by up to three years. To top up your active minutes, check out Director, Nahid's 15 minute-workout in Women's Health.

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