Fine-Tuning your Fitness

6 October 2014



Get a daily habit

We have had a few conversations with clients who are keen to progress quickly and sometimes get a bit frustrated that yoga poses, building core strength or even losing weight takes time.

Let us put that into context for you. An average person spends 19 hours a day being sedentary, including 7 hours of sleep.

A sedentary lifestyle means that your joints get stiff, hip flexors are in a continual state of contraction and so have difficulty opening up, your head moves forward putting a lot of pressure on your spine and internal organs.  Certain muscles get weaker such as your glutes and your abdominals get weak from sitting down for long periods of time.

Compare that to the Good Vibes teachers who move around a lot every day and they've been practising for a long time. So don’t beat yourself up if sometimes progress seems slow. Adopt a long term approach and move a lot more, everyday, and bit by bit you’ll notice yourself getting fitter, more mobile, more flexible and happier too!

You can fast track your progress, book into the NEW 25 min personal training sessions, A one off session is £35 and a 3 pack is £90. Or yoga and Pilates one- to-ones starting at £75 can train you more specifically to get you there faster. Come to class regularly and push yourself each time, walk a lot and get out of your chair at least ever hour. Standing up for 3 hours day at work gives you immediate benefits.

Check out the timetables here and tweet to let us know how you get on.


Coming up...

In order to progress, check in with your alignment, try the Roots2yoga Feldenkrais and Yoga workshop on Saturday 18th October 3pm - 5pm for an understanding of how small movements evolve into a pose - book in.

The relaxation is just as important as the action, book into the Gong Meditation to segue into the clock going back on the Saturday 25th October 3pm - 5pm, book in.

For our full list of workshops click heretweet to let your friends know that you are coming.

Fitzrovia - Libby is back and as well as Power Plates she will be taking over the Wednesday Pilates lunchtime class at Fitzrovia, book in to lengthen and strengthen your body after a mornings work.

Grace had great feedback for the Ballet Tone class on Thursdays.

GREAT feedback for Carli's Glow Cycle class on Saturday 11am, book in for a fat burning ride and if that's too early for you book into Nadine's 12pm

Covent Garden - come and try the NEW Friday 5pm Pilates with Sambi – we can still feels our abs from last week!

NEW Saturday 1pm Yang and Yin Yoga with James  is a delicious 75 minutes to set you off on your afternoon.

Check out the timetable.


Happy Body Bootcamp 23rd - 25th January 2015

We've devised the perfect detox weekend after the excesses of the Christmas and New Years -  a weekend of Pilates and restorative yoga and yoga nidra ( a deep guided meditation) to set up good intentions for the year.

Led by Good Vibes Director and Founder Nahid de Belgeonne and popular Glow Pilates teacher Antonia Ptohides, this Pilates and yoga retreat is a tranquil escape from the overwhelming buzz of everyday life.

We spend very little time listening to what our body needs, which after a long week at work is usually downtime. This retreat will not only refocus the mind after the busy festive period, but will also rejuvenate and refresh the body readying it for the new-year. Most people have given up their diets by the end of January, but this boot camp pushes fads to the side and introduces long-term health and well being.

You’ll enjoy delicious alkaline food which is dairy, wheat and sugar free, you’ll come back glowing and full of #GoodVibes. A great kick start to the New Year.

Hurry to book your place Early bird discount to the 31st October, more info here.


Glow Cycle challenge

Nahid, wants to share a her cardio story with you, click here to read 

So our challenge to YOU is to get into a Glow Cycle class this week, if you have NEVER tried it before you can have the class for FREE turn up 15 minutes beforehand and the teacher will ask for newbies do your best and keep coming because you will progress fast and cardio will help you in your other classes.

Start with a 35 minute class and we hold a Beginners 35 min class on the first Tuesday of every month with friendly teacher Rhia. The next one is tomorrow, Tuesday 7th October 5.45pm.

Book yourself in here or to claim your free class contact Fitzrovia. Tweet to let us know how you get on.

Bring a friend to class for FREE

Don't forget that if you are on an active 10+ class pass, you can bring a friend* to a class for FREE! All you have to do is to send their details here.

When our friend signs up to a 6 or 12 month membership we will give you a Birchbox of beauty goodies for FREE*- make sure that they give us your name on sign up. Not yet a member? Contact Sarah to join up today!

Have a super week and see you in class,

#GoodVibes x

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Our cardio challenge to YOU!

6 October 2014



Good Vibes Founder Nahid, wants to share a little story with you. She hated cardio because her knees didn’t like running anymore, she didn’t want to sweat because she has thick hair and it makes her blowdry frizzy (!)

She thought her yoga, Pilates, Ballet Tone, power plates and walking was plenty of exercise. However, when she ran out of puff climbing three flights of stairs she realised that she needed to work harder, hard enough to make her sweat and raise her heart rate. She started with the 35 minute Glow Cycle classes and found it really challenging, she kept at it and now can walk up the escalators at Holborn tube station without thigh burn, breaking out in a sweat or running out of breath.

She says “I was a bit anxious that now I'm 47 I wouldn't be able to keep up the energy for the duration of the class and also that I wouldn't want to! But it’s brilliant to really let it all out on a bike, it’s low impact and so great for my knees. And I know I have to work hard for 45 minutes and then I'm done. As women we spend so much of our time on our appearance and keeping ourselves contained so letting it go and sweating is really freeing and empowering.

I’ve dragged yogis and Power platers one-by-one into a Glow Cycle class and they ALL love it. But the best thing about it is that I am getting cardiovascular exercise which means that my heart gets stronger and my metabolism  - which I've noticed slowing down as I got to 40 - is being revved up with this new challenge, and our teachers do keep stepping up the challenge!"

So our challenge to YOU is to get into a Glow Cycle class this week, if you have NEVER tried it before you can have the class for FREE!*

Turn up 15 minutes beforehand and the teacher will ask for newbies and help you set up your bike. We don't do shouting or bullying but we do positive motivation and encouragement. Do your best and keep coming because you will progress fast, your cardio fitness will help you to progress in your other classes too.

We hold a Beginners 35 min class on the first Tuesday of every month with friendly teacher Rhia. The next one is Tuesday 7th October 5.45pm. Book in here, you will not regret it!  Tweet to let us know how you get on.

  • Offer is open to permanent UK residents only and subject to consent form and availability. You will need to send us proof of ID and proof of address.

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Natasha Kerry - Glow Yoga Teacher

2 October 2014

Natasha Kerry

Natasha is a Glow Yoga teacher, you can book into her classes here.

What is the best time of the day to practise/exercise?

Any time of the day and everywhere! The tube is great for meditation, Tadasana Pose (Mountain) is great whilst waiting in a queue, Yoga can be practised at any time and place!

What do you recommend to eat before your class? after the class?

I recommend eating a banana or some dried fruit and nuts before class if you need a snack. Something very light and preferably carbohydrate. After class I recommend protein and essential fatty acids, avocados are great!

What do you love about Good Vibes?

The community!! It’s the friendliest yoga studio ever and like one big family!

What do you teach in class?

Yang – a firey and dynamic practice of Yoga, Yin Yoga – a still and meditative practice, and Yoga Nidra – yogic sleep with a trace of awareness.

How will I feel after your class?

Your mind will feel such a clarity and presence whilst your body will feel light, flexible, strong and toned. Ultimately you will be invigorated whilst thoroughly relaxed!

Tell us something surprising about yourself...

I’m a quarter Indian! Hard to believe I know! Maybe my grandfather, who I never got to meet, was a Yogi?!

Natasha Kerry teaches Yang & Yin at Good Vibes and privately and has a successful Yoga Nidra audio download for relaxation called The Yoga Sleep Method and also co-founded The Lightworks Retreat; London’s raw food and Yoga day-retreat. Natasha aims to make yogic teachings accessible to all, to pass on effective techniques to soften and open your body and quieten your mind. Her Yang classes will teach you how to harness your own breath and use it to become more powerful in dynamic postures. Her Yin classes are designed to calm the nervous system and leave you feeling light and peaceful.

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