The importance of good alignment

27 January 2014


Good Vibes Glow Cycle instructor Rhia Docherty talks us through the best ways to ride, and the reasons why.

At Good Vibes alignment is key! No matter which of our classes you attend, you will achieve the best results when you are in correct alignment, this is just as important when you come to a Glow Cycle class.

We always go through bike set up and correct riding technique in our classes as it is key to good alignment and ensuring there is no unnecessary pressure on your hips, knees or your spine.

We believe in concentrating on the ride itself as a combination of resistance and pace enables you to produce the optimum intensity for your workout.

We don’t add weights to your ride as you are not in an optimum training position. Would you go to the weights section of the gym and sit on a bike saddle to train there? When you try to include upper body exercises whilst cycling, you will more than likely slow down your legs, which will actually reduce the intensity of your ride!

Moves such as push ups as they are really ineffective. The point of a push up is that you are using the resistance of your body weight against gravity to strengthen your chest and arms. On a indoor bike your lower body is directly beneath you, supporting your upper body weight and leaving very little work left for the upper body to do.

We don’t teach hovers/isolations/squats/tap backs or any other such moves. This is because, as we explain in our classes, there is only one correct and safe position to be in when standing. Moving out of this position places sheer forces on your knee joints and can wear away cartilage and also increases the load on your lumbar spine which will cause lower back problems and could potentially lead to a herniated disk. Not fun!

Instead we take you through a ride in positions that are biomechanically safe to ensure that we work you hard whilst keeping your health and safety at the forefront.

100 revolutions of the wheel in a bad position isn’t worth 10 in the right one!

We are firm believers that a healthy body and mind mixes it up a bit - doing the same thing will give you the same body.

Good Vibes offers a mindful approach to your training, we are all busy so working smarter is the key. Enjoy your ride and then come into the Glow Yoga studio to open up the body and mind in a more 3D way, the Glow Pilates to create balance to your body, Glow Ballet Tone for an all  over sculpting and the Far infrared heat will open up the body and soothe any muscle soreness. And don't forget the speedy 25 minutes Power Plate classes for lean muscle.

Click here to book in for your next class.

Rhia is a Good Vibes master trainer and teaches Power Plates and Glow Cycle. She takes the beginners  Glow Cycle class on the first Monday of every month.

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Sculpt Body Bootcamp

27 January 2014

sporty woman doing exercise on the floor

Saturday 8th February 2014  11-1 pm BOOK NOW

Jump into the Sculpt Body Bootcamp to create a lean silhouette. 45 minutes of Glow Cycle to get your heart pumping followed by 75 minutes of Glow Ballet Tone – dancers and Pilates conditioning exercises in the infrared heated studio to elevate your metabolism and sculpt your whole body.


We will be playing fun dance tunes, leg warmers and headbands optional!

Members, call 020 7580 1276 or pop in to the studio to receive a 20% discount.

Held at the Fitzrovia Studio

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Seven ways to burn fat FAST!

25 January 2014

Is there a little pocket of fat on your body that just won't go away no matter what you do? Follow these simple tips and to melt away the  fat.

Happy woman with measure tape1. Drink green tea. Three cups of green tea a day can boost your metabolism by around 4%! So ditch the Latte and go green!

2. Eat iron. Without enough iron in your system, your body doesn't get enough oxygen, which can slow down your metabolism. Get your fix from iron-rich foods including leafy green, nuts and beans.

3. High intensity workouts. Bursts of intense exercise are a surefire metabolism booster Join a Power Plates HIIT class to banish fat super fast.

4. De-stress! High levels of stress hormone cortisol in your system can increase your appetite AND slow down your metabolism. Make sure you have plenty of restorative yoga in your routine to keep those levels in perfect balance.

5. Get enough sleep. Studies have shown that people who got less than four hours sleep a night had a lot more trouble processing carbs due to increased levels of insulin and that pesky stress hormone cortisol. Get six-eight hours to ensure your body has enough energy to keep your metabolism going.

6. Get on your bike! Our Glow Cycle classes can help your burn up to 700 calories in a 45-minute session - a great way to help you keep lean!

7. Try something new. Sticking to the same classes every day will mean your body adapts and you'll burn fewer calories! Mix it up to ensure you are always working different muscles groups and you'll see continued results.

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Try a Glow Ballet Tone class for free!

19 January 2014

ballet-dancerWe have revamped our Glow Ballet Tone classes and we want YOU to try one of our 50 min express class for FREE!

The Glow Ballet Tone class will strengthen and lengthen every muscle group in the body to create a long, lean and sculpted physique, the Far infra red heated studio will make you work harder.

This is valid for just this week and open to anyone who can keep up with a class - subject to a consent form.

Covent Garden Studio  - 020 7240 6111:

Wednesday 22nd January 2014         8.45 am

Thursday 23rd January 2014            12.45 pm

Fitzrovia studio  - 020 7580 1276:

Friday 24th January 2014                  5 pm

To book, please call either studio with your name, mobile, date of birth and email and we will book you in! Classes are offered on a first come, first served basis.

We know you will love it, and will be ready to challenge yourself more by booking into the Good Vibes Sculpt Bootcamp, 45 mins of cycling followed by 75 mins of Glow Ballet Tone - designed to create a sleek silhouette - £25 for 2 hours, get booking!


This class is not suitable for pregnancy and for anyone with injuries.




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Good Vibes in Stella magazine - the A-Z of modern wellbeing

18 January 2014


Sunday Telegraph magazine Stella, lists Good Vibes in the A-Z of modern well being this month. Founder & Director, Nahid de Belgeonne explains why when it comes to yoga, warm is so much better than hot:

'Hot yoga can be very dehydrating. As you dehydrate the system, blood volume goes down, the heart beats faster and you enter a fight-or-flight state that's counter productive in your yoga class.'

But not all warm yoga is equal, our bespoke Far infra red heated studio ( we were the first in Europe) has many benefits - including reducing muscle soreness and inflammation. It is a much kinder warmth, FIR heats up objects rather than the environment so you get warmer as you work harder.  Combined with the Glow Yoga studio ethos challenging but nurturing classes to give you a practice that lasts a  lifetime.

Book into a sunshine Glow Yoga class today to get you mind and body happy.



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Good Vibes talks 2014 exercise trends with Health & Fitness

18 January 2014



Have you picked up your copy of Health & Fitness this month? Grab your copy to find why Founder Nahid de Belgeonne thinks ballet will be one of the hot fitness trends for 2014.

'The new forms of ballet make it more accessible to women that didn't have a chance to twirl when they were young. Ballet moves lengthen your body in a non-linear way, sculpting and toning your bottom, thighs, arms and core.'

Book into our new Glow Ballet Tone Class today and you'll be on your way to getting the long, lean limbs of a dancer.


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