Pregnancy Yoga comes to Good Vibes

30 June 2013


Tuesdays 5pm - 6pm from 2nd July 2013 - BOOK HERE

Here at Good Vibes we’ve been cooking up something extra special for all you expectant mommas out there; we’re proud to introduce Pregnancy Yoga – Good Vibes style. These classes will teach pregnant mums to keep strong and supple through dynamic yet nurturing yoga flow that’s become our hallmark, to stay toned and healthful inside and out and learn useful techniques to keep relaxed and radiant through pregnancy, birth and beyond. There will be time dedicated to birth prep with breathing techniques and visualisations to empower and buoy confidence and practical advice readily available.

Pregnancy Yoga classes at Good Vibes Fitzrovia, launch this July and will take place every Tuesday evening at 5pm.  Led by our expert pregnancy yoga teacher, Shimmy Levy-Riley, the 60 minute sessions will introduce you to a range of poses designed to ease tension, quiet the mind and prepare your body for all of the changes that pregnancy and birth can throw at it.

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Bon Voyage Andrew!

15 June 2013

I am sure you will all join me in wishing Andrew and his beautiful family well in their new adventure in France. He will be sorely missed, I have received so many emails from clients who have expressed their sadness about him going.

It led me to think about how we choose the right teachers for Good Vibes, we are very fussy! The teachers are chosen not only for their qualifications and experience but also their enthusiasm, welcoming approach, commitment to updating their skills, their open mindedness and for being warm and kindly souls. God knows life is tough enough without having to come to class and get an attitude from your teacher - at Good Vibes our focus is on delivering a brilliant class that makes you feel good as well as look good.

We have a studio ethos that all Good Vibes teachers buy into, we demand from them a sparkling service that is all about the client and they all care passionately that you get the most out of every visit. We have an excellent reputation for our teaching standards and sunny front of house team and consistently receive brilliant feedback. We are small enough to care about the quality of your experience from the moment you walk in through the door but big enough to offer you different teachers and specialist classes to keep your body and mind challenged.

All of the above is embodied in Andrew, I met him at council run gym teaching a indoor cycling class. It was when I had just set up Good Vibes and I fell in love with his approachable and kindly manner. He really cared that I had a good experience in his class. I told him to ring me if he wanted to train as a Power Plate instructor, of course he was up for it. He has given the same enthusiasm from his first shift as he will to his very last shift. He is all smiles, always wanting to give you a little bit more and has set the standard for all the teachers here. As well as that he has given me advice and support over the years and treated me with kindness - it's nice when your team remember that you need to have support as a boss.

Andrew, you will be very missed as a team member and a friend -  we all wish you a sunny new life.  Plump up the pillows in the spare room for me , I'll be coming to stay!

Nahid x

Mistress of the Good Vibes Universe

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Rocket Vinyasa Workshop

3 June 2013


Want a powerful yoga practice? You’ll love Rocket Vinyasa!

Saturday 6th July        15:00-17:00         Book Now

A very dynamic flow which includes loads of arms balances, inversions and will teach jump backs and how to float. These sequences are appropriate for all levels of students. With plenty of ways to modify the classical poses, the benefits of the poses are transmitted equally to renew vitality and energy. Be ready to move and feel alive. Questions welcome! If you love ashtanga, you’ll love this workshop.

Put a rocket in your practice and come for a sweaty flow and FUN workout!

Holly has been practicing Yoga for more than 15 years and is a former professional contemporary dancer and lecturer on Yoga Teacher Training courses. She teaches dynamic classes at Glow Yoga.

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Emeka Obanye Spincycle Instructor

1 June 2013



Having begun his career as a qualified (BSc) Sports Therapist, Emeka has combined his sports and fitness related theory with practical experience as a personal trainer and has over 10 years experience.

He is  dynamic and innovative, challenging but enjoyable so be prepared to work hard and dig deep, while remembering that “consistency is key”. He believes that keeping fit and healthy is one of the trinities in life itself (mind body and soul), so enjoy fitness and enjoy life!

Emeka will be trialling the NEW Friday 5.45pm 30 minute Spincycle class. Race you for a saddle!


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Spincycle changes

1 June 2013


A few changes to the classes as sadly Marnin had to go back to South Africa quite quickly for personal reasons. We wish him luck!

We have been busy finding the right teachers who can deliver a class that is fun and challenging but also respects your body.

Please do look out for the new Spincycle teachers who are starting this week.  We think you will love them!

The changes to the timetable are:

Monday 10th june:  just one lunchtime  1pm 30 minute Spincycle class with Rhia

Tuesday 5.45pm 30 minute Spincycle class with Paola

Wednesday 7.30am 45 min Spincycle class with Paola

Thursday 6.30pm class with Kim

Friday NEW spincycle 30 minute Spincycle taught by Emeka - we are trialling this for 4 weeks

Saturdays will have just one 12pm Spincycle class taught by Kris  - consistently the most popular time slot on Saturdays.

We are looking to put in another late ride or perhaps move the Monday to another day if that suits you better, let us know.

Don't forget Power Plates on Saturdays starts on the 8th June at 11.30am with Lindsey, book in!

Full timetable here.



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Top tips for Cyclists 5

1 June 2013


Pedal power! Nearly every cyclist has a funny story about when they first switched to clip-less pedals and forgot to clip out at traffic lights but regardless of this clip-less pedals are generally safer than toe clips or platform pedals. For those unsure clip-less pedals are those that replaced the once common toe clips that you had to manually tighten. Clip-less pedals require specific shoes that you actually clip onto the pedal and release by twisting the foot and they have a multitude of benefits.

The downsides of the alternatives are that with platform pedals your feet can easily slide off them, especially in wet weather, which is especially dangerous if you’re not sitting in the saddle at the time. Toe clips require you to manually tighten or loosen meaning you have to reach down to them, an inconvenient and hazardous affair!

Above and beyond that the clip-less pedal system ensures that the balls of your feet connected to the centre of each pedal which is the ultimate foot position for the most efficient cycling. In this position, your hamstrings can work properly to lift the back half of the pedal stroke before your quadriceps take over to push through the front half whereas on platform pedals, your power comes solely from pushing through the front half of the stroke and if using toe clips you'd have to tighten them so much your feet wouldn't be able to move at all.

The difference here is that you can use both sides of your legs efficiently resulting in a faster ride that can be maintained for longer. It also makes hill climbs easier, accelerations faster and supports your feet better.  With so many good reasons, what are you waiting for?

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Top tips for cyclists 4

1 June 2013



Stretch it out. Cycling is a sport consisting of a repetitive action with a limited range of motion which means you can be stuck in the same position for hours on end never quite taking your joints through their full range of motion. Not only this, cycling is in a fairly niche sporting family where your muscles only contract concentrically (while shortening) which means that overtime your muscle fibres can actually shorten. This is known as 'adaptive shortening'.

All of these things combined can result in pain, injuries, tightness and postural imbalances, not to mention make us less efficient on the bike itself so it's vital to stretch out in order to counteract threats. Yoga is a perfect addition to a cycling routine and while you may not need to get your head on your shins to ride your bike you do need to prioritise the ability to regain a 'normal' range of movement to be able to ride efficiently and with maximum enjoyment.

Top tips for cyclists 5


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Top tips for cyclists 3

1 June 2013


Be diet savvy! Sometimes on the bike we don't feel so hungry and if there's a good breeze to keep you cool you may not feel that thirsty either. But it's wise to keep hydrated and it's wise to carry sensible snacks and make sure you prepare properly for whatever cycling you're doing, even if you're trying to lose weight because muscle burns fat but muscle only builds with proper fuel!

When you eat is almost as important as what you eat - If you're training then fuel up with a high carbohydrate snack or small meal about an hour before you ride. Nothing too heavy, perhaps whole grain toast and fresh fruit or a whole wheat bagel with peanut butter (preferably not the sugary rubbish version!). If your ride is longer than an hour, you’ll need to refuel again.

Researchers recommend about 30 to 40 grams of carbohydrate for each of the 30 minutes you ride beyond the first 60 minutes. This might be a good time to consider a sports drink or healthy energy bar. After you've trained (particularly if it was a long session) you should aim to eat a high carb, high protein snack or meal within 60 minutes to replenish your body and prepare you for your next ride. A good choice is to make a healthy chocolate milkshake and blend a banana in it as its a perfect refuel and tastes great too!

Hydrate hydrate hydrate! Cyclists must make a conscious effort to drink fluids before, during and after riding to avoid the worst pitfall of all; dehydration. It is crucial that you are proactive and drink plenty of fluids, even before you feel thirsty. You'll should drink at least 8 - 12 ounces of fluid immediately before a ride, another 8 ounces every half hour during a ride, and enough when you're finished to gradually replenish those lost fluids after a ride.

A hydrated body is a healthy body and if you're unsure then coconut water is a perfect post-exercise hydrator but never in total exchange for plenty of plain old water! Do a bit of both!

 Top tips for Cyclists 4

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