Kate Pepper

19 May 2013


Kate is already one of our beloved Spincycle trainers, and a fantastic Pilates teacher who has been teaching for 10 years.

Mondays 7:30am Pilates

Kate has taught various types of exercise for 15 years and has been teaching Pilates for 10 of those years. She has found many people, including herself, have benefited from learning its principles of correct and effective exercise. This type of mindful movement helps posture and strengthens from the deep core stabilising muscles of the body outwards. Of itself it is very beneficial but also enhances other activities, meaning fewer injuries. You will leave Kate’s class feeling Relaxed, Energised, Taller and stronger from the core outward!

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The back end boys!

17 May 2013

the fellers


Thank you to the fellers who worked around the clock to get the studio ready for Sunday and with big belly laughs! Life is always sweeter when worlds collide and you couldn't get funnier conversations than between the builders and the team.  We laughed, we cried, we really wished you had started earlier!

Jim, Joe, Matt, Steves, Johns, Mark, Nino, Darren and Mikey - thank you for being so professional, patient and nice.

Jim, you are a mensch! When does the snagging start?


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Foodie Tuesdays - The perfect pre-workout breakfast

16 May 2013


Green breakfast smoothie

We are now working with nutritionist Claire Harper, who wants to share with you a delicious juice that is perfect to have before you come to class.

It’s important to choose a breakfast that provides hydration and energy without being heavy on the stomach if you’re heading for a Good Vibes class and I recommend you take this 2 hours before exercising. This drink will have you glowing with radiance from all the beta carotene in the greens and carrots.

For the fact lovers: Chlorophyll molecules found in all green plants are virtually identical to red blood cells, so they can oxygenate and enrich the blood!

Let’s get you revved up for the day:

Juice 3 handfuls of spinach, 2 celery sticks, 2 carrots and 1/3 cucumber. Add a ripe avocado and use a blender to turn this bright green juice into a creamy, delicious smoothie.

Claire is a yoga enthusiast and runs providing tailored one to one nutritional consultations.

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Balance Me at Good Vibes

16 May 2013

bath & body line up 1

This May Balance Me will be arriving at Good Vibes and we’re hoping you’ll be hooked on our award winning performance-led natural skincare! We were recently named Best British Brand at the 2013 beauty ‘Oscars’, and we’re proud to be the natural skincare range which those in the know swear by. So what makes the Balance Me skin and body care so different? Well, it’s all down to our cutting edge, high-tech natural formulations and chemistry, which means we can create highly active products with sophisticated textures, exquisite aromas with award winning results. There’s a reason behind the ‘Balance Me’ name as well; we want to bring balance not only to your skin but also to your life; which is why teaming up with Good Vibes seemed like the perfect fit!

At Balance Me we work with the philosophy of “everything your skin needs and nothing it doesn’t!” Each product label proudly states the % natural origin contained in the product and the range is totally paraben and sulphate free. Many of the products are 100% natural and perfect for those who really care what ingredients they are putting onto their skin.

Balance Me was established by two beauty loving entrepreneurial sisters Rebecca and Clare, who started making natural products in their kitchen in 2005. Rebecca was formerly a beauty PR, while Clare left behind a high-stress job in the city in search of a better work/life balance. After spending time training to be a yoga teacher and a reflexologist, the sisters rediscovered their love of natural beauty and started creating beautiful natural products. Joined by their aromatherapy expert friend Sian, the team have gone on to win over 30 top industry awards and are an established firm favourite in the nation’s bathroom cabinets.

Trained yoga teacher Clare highly recommends applying the super toning body oil she first created aged 18 after your yoga session; her 100% natural formulation will improve skin tone and encourage circulation, leading to much firmer, smoother skin.

To find out more about Balance Me visit or discover them in your Good Vibes changing room!

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Silja Frey

14 May 2013


Silja will be taking over the Tuesday evening Foundation classes in Covent Garden and will also be our new resident Glow Yoga Bliss teacher in Fitzrovia on Thursdays at 19:15

Silja has been practicing yoga since 2001 and is a British Wheel of Yoga registered teacher. She trained with triyoga in London and has studied with renowned international teachers. Before completing her first yoga teacher training in India, Silja was passionate about a different kind of teaching as a Scuba Diving Instructor in the Maldives, South Africa and Thailand, where she introduced many others to the beauty of the underwater world. Her love of teaching is evident in her classes, which emphasise the link between breathing and physical movement whilst focusing on strong and healthy alignment. Silja believes that Yoga does not need to be achieved but felt, and deeply trusts in the transformative qualities of Yoga. Her intention is to make Yoga accessible to everyone and to create a warm environment for students to explore their breathing, mind and body.

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Meet Beth Monks

14 May 2013


Beth has joined the Good Vibes Yoga team!

She will be teaching in Fitzrovia on:

Tuesdays 18:15

Beth will help you to develop more curiosity, insight, confidence in movement, in yourselves and the dynamic and creative interplay between mind, body and consciousness. Expect Intelligent vinyasas that inspire personal discovery, authenticity and realisation of the present moment via a specialised -innovative, practical, stimulating, full-bodied, mindful and holistic practice. All levels of previous practice supported and met with love!


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Zaggora Competition WINNER!

14 May 2013


Congratulations to Sadie Zones who has won the Zagorra Competition!

She will receive  Zaggora's 2 Step Solution for beautiful Legs!

A 200ml svelt Melt premium contouring gel to apply to your legs before wearing the patented HotPants, one pair of HotPant Capri leggings, and a 200ml motion lotion to revive your legs after excercising.

You're on your way to great legs!

Check out more of Zaggora's fantastic products

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