Fitzrovia Glow Yoga and Pilates Timetable May 2013

17 March 2013

Here is the Fitzrovia Yoga and Pilates timetable we will be launching with in May, we have listened to all those who wanted more Pilates at lunchtime ( more than at the Covent Garden Studio) and for those who wanted an earlier start to the evening yoga classes. We are looking to roll out classes on Saturday morning once we launch the weekly classes.  The timetable will evolve as we roll along.

Do tweet your friends and let them know that Glow Yoga and Pilates is coming to Fitzrovia in May!

7.30amPilates 60mDynamic Yoga 60mDynamic Yoga 60mDynamic Yoga 60mDynamic Yoga
10.00Dynamic Yoga
12.45Dynamic Yoga 50mDynamic Yoga 50mPilatesDynamic Yoga 50mPilates
6pmPilates 60mDynamic Yoga 60mDynamic Yoga 60mDynamic Yoga 75m
6.15pmDynamic Yoga 60m
7.15pmDynamic Yoga 75mFoundationBliss 60m
7.30pmPilates 60m

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New trends in nutrition

16 March 2013

Gentle Greens

Our friends at Radiance Cleanse share their tips on nutrition trends to watch out for:

Green juice - in New York these days, you can't move for juice bars. Fresh juices are being offered everywhere from bakeries to coffee shops - even Starbucks has just launched its own range of cold-pressed juices on the West Coast. This trend is definitely coming to the UK. And everybody is ordering green juices. They are low in sugar and packed full of nutrients. Look for the highest quality juices to be cold-pressed and certified organic.

Gluten free - all the A-listers are eliminating gluten, but why? Gluten is a protein present in many grains, most obviously wheat. Some people have a medical condition which results in permanent intolerance to gluten - the tennis player Novak Djokovic famously noticed a dramatic improvement in his performance once he addressed his gluten intolerance. However, as gluten is very difficult to digest it can be hard on the body for many of us. Eliminating or reducing gluten intake can lead to a wide variety of health improvements, although it is best done under the guidance of a nutritional therapist.

Herbs and spices - in addition to giving flavour to your cooking, many herbs and spices have valuable health-related benefits. Turmeric, for example, has anti-bacterial properties and is being researched for potential effects on a number of diseases, including cancer, arthritis and diabetes. Cinnamon can help balance blood sugar and paprika has anti-inflammatory effects.

Super fruits - there is a new generation of powdered fruits that you can add to juices, smoothies or water for a concentrated nutrient hit. Baobab is currently causing excitement in the health industry, as it has one of the highest antioxidant capacities of any fruit in the world. Similarly, Acai contains 19 amino acids and is rich in vitamins B and C.

Juice shots - coffee is out and ginger is in. Honestly, a pure ginger shot in the morning will wake you up like nothing else, and there is no subsequent energy crash. Other juices to consider trying in your own kitchen apothecary are beetroot for pre or post exercise and fennel to ease digestive discomfort. Around town, wheat grass shots are popping up everywhere. Grab one with your lunch to help support your body's natural detoxification processes and keep your immune system strong, especially in Winter.

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Fitzrovia is getting dressed

3 March 2013


We are building a NEW infrared heated Glow Yoga and Pilates studio and upgrading the  space including revamping the changing rooms over the next few months. Works will include:

  • Put a new wall in the Spincycle studio so that we can work on the yoga studio without disturbing the rest of the space.
  • The Spincycle studio will get smaller for a short while and then will be bigger again, when we take out the stairs (from POD to the basement)
  • The entrance to the Spincycle room will eventually be the door from reception into the landing.
  • The entrance to the yoga space will be from the reception area.
  • The changing rooms and showers will get an upgrade.
  • The work has started…it‘s going to get exciting around here!

You will LOVE it when it is all completed, but until we get there...thank you for your patience!


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