13 reasons to exercise in Winter - Reason 3

24 February 2013



Seasonal Affective Disorder - S.A.D is something that affects most people and is caused by poor nutrition, a decrease in being active and a lack of sunshine. The answer – Glow Yoga! It’s not rocket science, you have fun in the studio, get a better body AND receive a daily dose of Vitamin D through specially designed S.A.D lighting all at the same time – BOOM!

Have you tried a Glow Yoga class?

Reason 4

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13 Reasons to exercise in Winter - Reason 2

24 February 2013



Winter Weight - We’re all guilty of eating a little more during the winter, particularly over the Christmas period but by ensuring we still exercise we’re not only able to enjoy that glass of bubbly with reduced guilt levels but we can also still get in our favourite party outfit – two benefits for the price of one!

Have you tried a Spincycle class yet? Burns 300 calories in 1 session!

Reason 3

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Filming at the Covent Garden Studio

24 February 2013



Calling all clients! We are filming a new online promo film and we need YOU to be in it.

We will give you up to 5 free classes if you can be there for all of it and 3 FREE classes if you can be there for part of it.

When? Wednesday 27th February 2013

Where? Covent Garden Glow Yoga and Power Plates studio

Time: 10am arrive to be ready

10.30 to camera testimonials

11am - 11.30am for a Power Plate class

11.30am - 12.30pm for a mock yoga class

Please arrive 20 minutes earlier to be ready

Dress code: no logo tops and bottoms that look neat and tidy, colours are good!

Please let us know that you are coming, [email protected]

Thank you!

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13 Reasons to exercise in Winter - Reason 1

16 February 2013

Copyright Sarah Lee - A yoga class at theGood Vibes studio in Covent Garden.

Immune System - Moderate exercise keeps the immune system strong, a fundamental benefit in the winter when there are so many germs flying around. In fact, studies have shown that exercising a few times a week can reduce the number of colds you get every year which means less of that frightful ‘red-nose’ look that so many of us suffer from in the winter months.

Have you tried a  Powerplates Toning class?

Reason 2



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Why Spinning is good for Runners

16 February 2013


For the average runner spinning doesn't just make you stronger, it makes you faster too. It benefits the development of your leg muscles which helps to stabilise the knee joints and encourage faster recovery of the legs after running, while the continuous cardiovascular workout helps to improve your overall fitness level helping you to get faster on your runs.

It's actually the relationship between cadence and the velocity of hip rotation in degrees per second that really provides the link up between running and cycling. An individual pedalling at a cadence of 90 rpm (revolutions per minute) is generally rotating their hips at a velocity of around 220 degrees per second. This is equivalent to a 6.45 per mile running pace, while a cadence of 70 rpm would be equivalent to around an 8 minute mile. This translates to running as it teaches our bodies how to react and move faster, so literally getting your legs moving fast on a bike will help you to move them faster on the ground.

Runners! What are you waiting for? Book that Spincycle class now.

Don't forget to book into the 2 hour Yoga for Runners and Cyclists Workshop on the 23rd March, no yoga experience necessary. Tight hamstrings welcome!

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