Join our Front of House team

29 November 2013

Good Vibes  - known as the feel good fitness studios - are looking for mature, organised reliable and cheerful receptionists to join our vibrant team.

You should be:

- Efficient, confident, calm and unflappable

- IT Literate (MBO experience is a BIG bonus)

- Previous front of house experience is a must

- A love of people is an essential

- A practical and solutions based approach is essential

- Honesty and professionalism must be ingrained in you

- Excellent English and presentation skills

- Reliability is non-negotiable

- An ability to sell with charm

- An understanding of what we offer & why we offer it is an absolute must

We are looking for ONE PERSON to take on the following shift plus extra cover when required:

Tuesdays - 16.30 - 20.30pm

Plus one full weekend per calendar month.

and ONE person to take on this shift:

Monday - 12 - 16.00pm

Wednesday - 12.00- 16.00pm

We pay a starting rate of £7.50ph + benefits.

To apply please email a short covering letter and your CV to [email protected]

You must be able to start immediately. You must be available to work over the Christmas/New Year period and have no holidays planned over the next 4 months. Please note this is a permanent position.

Previous applicants need not apply

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Win a FREE month's membership

25 November 2013


To make sure we slide into the festive season looking AND feeling great, we have a little challenge for you.

Attend a class every day from Monday 2nd December to Christmas Eve  and we will enter you into a prize draw to win one FREE month of Good Vibes to start in January 2014. the prize is worth £160 all you need to do it to get in for class every single day.

You can choose from Power plates, Spincycle, Pilates, Yoga, Ballet Tone, we thoroughly recommend a different class a day for a pre-tox to the party season.

You will need to register for the competition by sending an email to [email protected] and then get booking! The competition winner will be announced on the 31st December and the FREE month will start on the 2nd January 2014. Usual T&cs apply - join us in a class a day to get super fit for the festivities!



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Gary loves Good Vibes

25 November 2013

Gary loves Good Vibes and has been with us for a few years, he does all of the classes and at both studios but has been finding the restorative classes particularly good to end his week.

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Exclusive Balance Me membership pack when you sign up for 12 months!

21 November 2013

GOODVIBESLooking for another reason to join us at Good Vibes? On top of unlimited access to the best Power Plates, Pilates, Yoga and Spincycle teachers in town that will help you hone your body into the best shape of your life AND feel good doing it, we also have another little treat for you courtesy of our friends at natural beauty brand Balance Me.

If you sign up for a 12 month membership at Good Vibes, you will now receive an exclusive Balance Me membership pack filled with goodies to ensure you'll be glowing inside and out.

The specially created set contains a pure skin face wash, indulgent moisture-rich face cream, a super toning body wash and a super toning body cream. RRP £30.

This limited edition offer starts today and is open to newbies and existing Good Vibers wishing to renew their memberships, whilst stocks last.

Sign up now to look good, feel good and smell great with Good Vibes and Balance Me.


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Glow Yoga in Vogue

18 November 2013


Nahid de Belgeonne of Good Vibes was one  of the first to offer "glow" (warm) yoga in London. She says the benefits include " a stronger immune system - plus our seasonal-affective-disorder lighting gives you a shot of sun to lift your mood even in the darkest winter"

Vogue December 2013

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Good Vibes for Men

17 November 2013


Frazer Yorke is a man who likes to look good. His hectic career in TV production means he is very busy and the time he spends working out has to count. This means he pushes himself with gym and PT sessions 3 to 4 times a week to ensure his body is always in tip-top shape.

When Frazer first came to Good Vibes he had already lost weight and toned up through a mixture of cardio and weights at the gym, but he was keen to find out what other types of exercise could do for him. ‘Yoga and Pilates I really see as exercise for girls, so I really want to see how it works for a man’, three months later Frazer discovered exactly what these traditionally female disciplines could do for him.

One month into his three month stint at Good Vibes, Frazer was now signed up to Power Plates, Yoga, and Glow Cycle and was already starting to feel different, ‘after a morning spin class I had so much more energy and a calmer head, I feel fitter and the yoga has been really good for helping me sleep, which I often struggle with due to my stressful job’.

Frazer also appreciated how different Good Vibes was to the traditional gyms he was used to, ‘there is a much friendlier and less aggressive feeling than a regular gym and the yoga classes are seriously challenging’.

After two months at Good Vibes Frazer really started to notice a marked improvement other areas of his exercise regime, particularly when it came to running, ‘my stamina has improved so much since being at Good Vibes’.

The difference in the exercise undertaken at Good Vibes left ‘Frazer with a lighter, more flexible feeling, as well as an improved physique. By the end of three months he had this to say ‘I’ve lost half a stone, my upper body has reduced has reduced in size in the right places and I have better definition in my arms as well!’

So boys, if you think that yoga and power plates are just for girls, think again!

Frazer’s stats

Pre-Month 1

After three months











34 inches

32 inches

Upper Arm

12.5 inches

13 inches


40.5 inches

41 inches


41.5 inches

40 inches


21.5 inches

19 inches

Are you ready for some Good Vibes? Start your 30 day trial with us today!

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Find the calm on your tube journey

17 November 2013

tube It’s the morning rush hour and you’re battling with everyone else to get to work on time. There are no seats, your nose is in someone’s armpit and the tube stops in places to "regulate the service" ( does ANYONE know what that actually means?)

Our journey into work can send us into stress over drive before the day has even started but instead of repeating the same response patterns day in and out  - why not change your attitude? Here’s a quick and easy way to make your journey calmer.

Find the bones of your feet in your shoes, send your weight downwards through your feet. As you do this lift up and away from your ankles, your knees , your hips and pelvis and float the crown of the head up and away from your shoulders and neck. Feel your skull lengthening away from your heels. Feel your shoulders broaden.

As you inhale imagine you are breathing in through the left sole of your foot, up into your left leg, up along the left side of the spine and to the crown of your head. Pause.

As you exhale, keep the length in the spine and  imagine you are breathing down your right side of the spine, down your right leg and out through the sole of your right foot. Pause.

As you inhale imagine you are now inhaling through the right sole of your foot, your right leg, right side of the spine and up into the crown of your head. Pause.

As you exhale, keep the length you have created as you  send your breath down into the left side of the spine the left leg and the sole of your left foot.

Repeat this cycle a few times, you should feel grounded as well as tall and proud.

The next time you breathe in, imagine the breath starting from the soles of both feet up into both sides of the spine and up into the crown of the head. Pause. On the  exhale send your breath down both sides of the body, both legs and out through both soles of the feet.

Get out one stop earlier and walk the rest of the way to work swinging your arms so that you get fresh air and a chance to move your body before arriving at work with a smile on your face and ready to start the day.

Want to re-tune your brain to find the calm in the chaos? Have a look at the Glow Yoga timetable and workshop calender.

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Happy Friday night yoga people

17 November 2013



Glow Yoga is all about the clients and having a bit of fun.  Adam took everyone through a sweet and sweaty yoga flow with cheesy pop as the soundtrack. Celebrating with bubbles afterwards, it's a great way to end the working week!

For more ideas on how to spend a Friday night or a Saturday afternoon, have a look here.


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