Holiday exercise

27 August 2012

Going on holiday needn't mean parking your fitness routine, in fact it's often a lot easier to fit in.

All you need to do are to pack for a range of activities and the type of place you are visiting. The hotel has an outdoor pool? 1 km every day! Great country walks, mountains to hike or a city break? Pack a pedometer, the right shoes and off you go. A beautiful space to practice yoga outside? Plan you practice for sunrise or sunset to get the most out of the setting.

I have a little routine everyday and it goes a little something like this:

200  x hula hooping each way, it's great for toning the waist and encouraging you to drawing muscles that make up the core back into the spine. It's also gently warms up the spine before you do something more vigourous.

I practice flow yoga for anything between 1 hour to an hour and a half including core work.

I do a few mobility and strengthening arm exercises with the resistance bands.

After lazing about for the rest of the day I swim for 1 km in the early evening or go for a long walk. If I fancy a change, I do a bit of light skipping. Easy!

A few essentials for your suitcase when you go away, you can buy them all in our shop.

1. Weighted hula hoop, it comes apart in sections, play your favourite tracks and hula!

2. Resistance bands so many great uses for these, my favourite exercises on holiday are posture correcting exercises after a lifetime of hunching over a computer -  I'll put some up over the next week or so.

3. Tanita skipping rope - pop your weight in and it gives you your calorie burn based on the revolutions of the rope, work off that tiramisu!

4. Omron pedometer - it's always good to know how much you are moving throughout the day. If you do nothing else then aim to move 10,000 steps as a day -  as a minimum.



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30 day Challenge - Week 4

22 August 2012

The results at the end of 2 1/2 weeks were that I am looking svelte, it took very little time to see some pretty dramatic changes.  Everyone has been noticing and it just wasn't that hard to get going.  I have lost an inch from my waist already! I have lost half a stone as well. exercising more and seeing the changes makes you want to eat healthily and I haven't been scrimping on the pisco sours either! I can't abstain because life is too fun but you can create a balance where looking after yourself becomes your default setting.

The lessons learnt so far are:

  • you have to do something everyday
  • you must schedule your fitness appointments in
  • you need to have a back up plan - if you didn't get up in the morning and missed a class, what's your plan B?
  • The Power Plate is amazing for building lean muscle and you see the results quickly, it is a must have in a fat loss plan.
  • You do need to sweat, I thought I could avoid it ( the hair!)  but a sweaty cardio workout is very necessary part of your fitness routine. It doesn't have to be for long, we offer 30 minute Spincycle classes, do a power plate class first and feel your body zing!

This week looks like this:

Monday 20th August  I had a hard work out on the Power Plate and a Pilates class with Mary

Tuesday 21st August I taught all day and had a Power plate class with Andrew and a Spincycle Core with Joe.

Wednesday 22nd August - I taught a delicious lunchtime Glow Yoga in the Park had a yoga class with Michelle and then a fat busting Power plate class with Zoe.

Thursday 23rd August - A power plate class with Zoe


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Glow Yoga in the Park

22 August 2012

Thank you to everyone who came along to the lunchtime Glow Yoga in Lincoln's Inn Fields today.

What a great turn out! A big hurrah to our lovely friends Zico for supporting the event and the brilliant Jamie and Clare for helping to put it together.

We will be out again soon, so watch out for our next yoga in the park!



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FREE Glow Yoga in the Park

16 August 2012



Glow Yoga Founder, Nahid de Belgeonne is teaching a FREE lunchtime Glow Yoga 45 minute class in the park. She will be on hand for a chat and to answer questions afterwards.

She teaches with joie de vivre and offers strong but nourishing flow classes with an emphasis on the quality of the movement. core engagement and breath.

When? Wednesday 22nd August at 1pm

Where? Lincoln Inn Fields - click here for the map

What to bring?

You'll need a mat and to wear clothes that you can move around in, the sun is going to be out so remember the sunblock.

Our lovely friends Zico will be handing out coconut water and we’ll be giving out free Glow Yoga passes to anyone who hasn’t been to us before.

The event will be filmed and photographed. Do tell your friends and come join us!

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30 day Challenge - Week 3

13 August 2012


The start of Week 3 sees me in great spirits, a tipsy evening watching the closing ceremony but this morning I have lots of energy, I  am looking a lot more toned and even my shameful fitness test results couldn't dampen my spirits.

My body fat is at 30.2%!!!! I know! A healthy body fat ratio is 22 - 28% and as I am small (short!)  I need it to be on the lower end of the scale.  Everyone I tell is a bit shocked by it. I'm not. it's been my filthy little secret for far too long.

I have very unhealthy eating habits and always have had. I generally don't eat until I am starving and then I wolf down anything that comes my way. I eat very late and I sit down at a computer for very long days. I get up early, I sleep far too little and I work 7 days a week and have done for 6 years.

That's why I wanted to kick start my exercise regime. I thoroughly recommend having a fitness test done, we offer them for £50 for 45 minutes, your stats are analysed and  you get a report on where you are now so that you can work towards sorting it out.

With that in mind, here is this week's proposed schedule:

Monday 13th August: Power Plate class with Kate, it's her last day here so will buy here a cake but will not eat a crumb! I'll also do a Yoga class with Adam which was brilliant, he is very funny. I do like a sense of humour in my teachers. I really wanted to do the Pilates class but am feeling tired this evening and need to be sparkling for my classes and one to ones tomorrow.

Tuesday 14th August: a Power Plate class with Andrew and a Spincycle Core class with Joe, his abs exercises are HARD!

Wednesday 15th August:a Power Plate class with Rachel was all I managed today. I was teaching a lot. feeling pretty fantastic though. Being more energetic gives you more energy.

Thursday 16th August: a Core Flow with Clare in the morning, a lunchtime Pilates with Carol. A Power Plate class with Mary in the afternoon. Made up for yesterday!

Friday 17th August: a Yoga class in the morning, an afternoon Power Plate class

Saturday 18th August: Spincycle with Leon, Pilates class with Antonia and a quick Power Plate class with Julio

Sunday 19th August: teaching a 90 minute yoga class and am going to eat a lot at my Mums for Eid, it is futile resisting my mother likes to cook and feed. I wonder if my alternate juice days count as fasting?




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Ready to go!

6 August 2012

Good Vibes press packs all ready and present to be delivered today,  a good bit of Monday morning gifting!

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30 day challenge - Week 2

6 August 2012

I bashed my elbow on a chest of drawers at the weekend, quite badly. It means I can't support my weight on it very well. It also makes me seem like a clumsy klutz. Believe it or not I haven't had an injury in over 6 years. I need more flat or less furniture.

To cope with the frustration of not being a trustafarian with a paid for house in Notting Hill...I've upped my exercise to get wickedly fit.

It's Week 2 of my 30 day Challenge and here's my schedule for this week:

Monday 6th August: I went to  Power Plate class in the morning with Kate, a lunchtime yoga class with Dina and  Pilates class with Antonia this evening. It broke up the day nicely and I think I was a bit more productive as a result.

Tuesday 7th August: I am teaching Yoga in the morning and then  a one-to-one on the Power Plate at Fitzrovia so had a Power Plate class with Andrew and a Spincycle class at lunchtime with Joe. It is my second Spincycle class and I am feeling it!

Wednesday 8th August: A Power Plate class with Rachel and another one with Kate. I meant to do a lunchtime yoga class as well, it's a great way to break up the day and not get so caught up in the endless to do list but it din't happen.

Thursday 9th August: a Power Plate class with Ally and a Yoga class with Natasha which was paced just right.

Friday 10th August: A  Power Plate class with Julio and Flow and a Bliss class with Ruth - delicious day!

Saturday 11th August: Spincycle class with Leon, my 3rd class and it is still quite hard, feeling it in my thighs and am a bit out of breath at points in the class and my legs don't seem to spin as fast as everyone else's but I will get there!

Sunday 12th August: I taught a 90 minute yoga class and did it all while teaching so that was me for the week.

I also had tickets every single night for the Meltdown festival which meant that after teaching and training there wasn't a lot of room for anything else. But that's a good thing, one of the reasons I wanted to get myself moving more is that I work like a dog and just don't want to any more. I want to look after myself a bit better and being fit makes you feel good about yourself too.

I might get myself a heart rate monitor, we sell them in the shop, I think it might help to motivate me.

I've also had a fitness test done - we are now offering this as a service, it's a great way to measure where you are now and work to improve -  the results were slightly shocking. But more of that later!


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30 day challenge - Week 1

5 August 2012

I am on a 30 day challenge to up my game, when you hit 45 you need to work a bit harder.

I am aiming for a Power Plate class every day plus another class either yoga, pilates or a spincycle class during the week and at weekends I'll do yoga and go for walks. I also meditate every day, anything between 3 and 10 minutes and do a spot of restorative yoga every night. You have to balance your energies and rest is as important as action.

I started the week with a juice cleanse from Radiance cleanse just to get me going.

I have a slight knee injury from a dance off with a 19 year old farmer boy at a golden wedding anniversary two weeks ago. sigh - 5 hours nonstop dancing in Westwood heels, that side of my husband's family won't forget us in a hurry!

Here is my first week's activity:

Monday 30th July – was chained to the computer so it doesn’t count!

Tuesday 31st July– a great advanced Power Plate class with Michael and a Spincycle class with Leon – felt great, my legs are singing.

Wednesday 1st August – had to be out and about today so I had 2 Power Plates classes one with Rachel and a personal training session led

Thursday 2nd August – a Pilates class with Carol sorted out my posture and worked me hard, one tough and knowledgable lady. I also did a Power Plate class with Andrew which is always spot on.

Friday – Friday morning with Kathleen was nice and soothing, ended the day with a Power Plate class with Julio. Thought I was too tired for it but it gave me a lot of energy to get home.

Saturday – an hour self practice yoga

Sunday – an hour long walk and a 90 minute self practice yoga

I’m feeling really good as I’m moving a bit more, I’ll put my schedule for next week up  - perhaps join me for a class?

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Get fit in August

1 August 2012

Our brilliant members Sara and Karen have totally inspired me. They are so dedicated to getting fit that as well as being in a class every day, on Wednesdays they go Spincycle class and then run to Covent Garden for a Glow Pilates class. Impressive!

So impressed that I have decided to rev up my fitness regime. I am embarking on a 30 day challenge. I do take  a class most days but haven't been as on it as I should. My 30 days will consist of a different class every day with different teachers, it's a great way to get you out of your comfort zone. The best way to join me is to take up a  membership.

If you want to try a few classes first we are having a summer sale until Sunday. Either way you'll be seeing me in class! I started last night with a wicked Spincycle class with Leon!


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