Good Vibes Glow Yoga in Covent Garden

8 August 2011

I am so excited to tell you that the Good Vibes Glow Yoga studio opens in September. Two years in the planning and here we - nearly - are!

All intro classes are just £5 and we will open the weekend of the 10th & 11th September 2011
Glow Yoga is a warm flow yoga combined with the principles of Pilates and movements from related disciplines. 
Glow Yoga is also inspired by the great teachers that I have experienced over the years and in particular the teachings of Simon Low. He is one of the UK's leading teacher trainers and my yoga teacher for more than 10 years.
What makes him a real master is his approach to teaching, his emphasis is on intelligent enquiry. This is not ego teaching, this is the teaching of empowerment.
I took my (non-yoga practicing) husband with me to a Simon Low yoga holiday about 10 years ago when we had both left stressful jobs. I didn't really get yoga but knew it would be good for me.
The venue was a magical place called Huzur Vadisi. Simon was so welcoming and inclusive that my husband has been practicing by himself on a daily basis ever since. And I've gone on to train as a yoga teacher and open a warm yoga studio!
This is the sort of yoga teaching that gets into your DNA, it has changed me profoundly. I’ve made rock solid friendships from his holidays and his teacher training course, The Yoga Academy. Yoga does unite people, however, inspiring teachers make you feel you are part of the same family.
If you are interested in a bit of Simon Low magic book onto his holidays and if you are thinking about becoming a yoga teacher, sign up the Yoga Academy, the next course starts in November 2011,  I highly recommend it.
It isn’t often you get a chance to pay your respects to someone who has been a major influence in your life, but Mister Low I (sun) salute you! 
See you on the mat at Glow Yoga, buy an intro class here
Mistress of the Good Vibes Universe x

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