Workshops are the perfect way to go a little bit deeper. A delicious 2 hours to hone your technique or gain a better understanding, designed to improve your practice by leaps and bounds.

We also offer Bootcamps to kick start your fitness regime or even to challenge yourself a little more.
The Good Vibes workshops, holidays and bootcamps are designed to allow you to go a little deeper. Whether you want to take your fitness to the next level, learn techniques to release your tension, improve your posture or go deeper into your yoga practice. They take place at our Covent Garden and Fitzrovia studio's.

Spring Equinox Sound Bath - £25

This is a special sound bath combining Yin yoga and knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine that supports our bodies with seasonal changes as we transition into Spring with Yin & Restorative poses to support healthy Liver function. A welcome opportunity for deep rest and rejuvenation to body and inviting calm and stillness to mind. Come and experience the Three Jewels of: Yin, Restorative yoga and Sound Bath - all interwoven with Yoga Nidra (Yogic Sleep: guided visualisation for deep relaxation).

Sound resonance re-balancing combined with Yin yoga for release of deep connective tissues and Restorative yoga to reset and rejuvenate your nervous system. Experience true rest and stillness, improve sleep, boost immunity, improving circulation while inviting balance back to body and equanimity to mind.

Ling Mann has been teaching yoga since 2007 and will lead this session sharing her extensive training as an advanced practitioner with Judith Lasatar in Restorative Yoga and her knowledge of sound healing that will help shift any energetic blockages allowing the subtle energetic body to find harmonious balance in Body, Mind and Spirit.

Held at the Covent Garden studio

Friday 23rd March 2018

7.30pm - 9.00pm

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How to Cultivate a Meditation Practice - £30

Meditation is well researched and documented to reduce stress, release worry & anxiety and promote better sleep. To sit in Meditation is to make time for self, be in stillness and reconnect to the peace that is inherent within. This releases the outer states of worry and tension and prevents the build-up of stress and dis-ease. In this relaxed state, a great sense of wellbeing, serenity and contentment can be experienced which when developed over time, is a state that pervades and underlies all emotional states.

In this two hour experiential workshop with Flo Lam-Clark, firm foundations will be established for developing an independent meditation practice, to incorporate into daily living.

The meditations taught are nonsecular so this is suitable for all, regardless of experience, faith or belief. This will appeal to those looking for tools and ways to manage a pressured and fast-pace of life. Cultivating a meditation practice will enable access to an enriched, meaningful life with steadiness, peace and calm.

What you will learn and take away with you:-

  • The benefits of Meditation
  • Mindfulness tips and tools to integrate in everyday life
  • Simple and effective breathing to counter stress and feel relaxed
  • A complete meditation practice
  • Notes from the workshop to encourage self-practice of the techniques

Held at the Fitzrovia studio

Saturday 24th March 2018

10am - 12pm

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Somatics Workshop: better movement for head, neck and shoulders - £30

Do you suffer from a “tech neck” sore neck, tight shoulders and aches from too many hours on a ipad, pc or phone?

Come and work it all out in a 2 hour Somatics workshop. Somatics movements involve gentle movement that free up chronic pains and tightness by rebooting the brain to muscle communication. When you put your muscles under habitual stresses, you don’t fully release the muscles which means that you use up energy even when resting. By practicing somatic movements you retrain your muscles to relearn their natural resting length. Giving you ease of movement in those areas. All welcome.

Good Vibes Founder, Nahid, is passionate about sharing the healing benefits of yoga. She trained with The Yoga Academy in 2010 and is a BWY accredited teacher. As well as teaching mindful flow, she is a registered restorative yoga trained by Judith Hanson Lasseter. She also teaches Yoga Nidra and is a Somatic movement instructor, her classes weave together movements from a wide range of disciplines to deliver creative and nourishing classes. She continually updates her knowledge with master teachers from around the world. 

Held at the Fitzrovia studio

Saturday 28th April 2018

10.00am - 12.00pm

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Glow Yoga Bliss: A Spring Restorative Workshop - £30

Let go of Winter and embrace Spring with a Sunday morning restorative workshop.
Hit the pause button on your busy life, restorative yoga helps you to recalibrate your mind and body back to your natural rhythm. The slower pace and focus breathing triggers the rest, digest and repair responses from the very first pose. This activation of the parasympathetic nervous system helps to dampen down the effects of the regular fight-or-flight stress response that can, over time, be damaging to your well-being. The calming effect on the nervous system sets a deeply relaxing tone for the class that comforts your mind and body down to the cellular level. We start with gentle mobilisations of the joints and muscles that get stuck in stress patterns and then we will release it all into held poses fully supported by props. We end with a 20 minute yoga nidra, a guided meditation, you will leave feeling rejuvenated and ready for the Spring.

As well as running Good Vibes, Nahid de Belgeonne has been teaching for 12 years. She teaches mindful yoga, restorative yoga, meditation, yoga nidra and is a Somatic movement coach. Her corporate clients range from Estee Lauder, Aveda, Mac, Orange and ASOS. She relishes teaching a range of populations, from stressed out CEOs, to magazine editors on tight deadlines, to the not so bendy, the sceptics, the curious beginner, the open-minded improver, to those who are training to be yoga teachers right through to clients with a range of addiction issues.
She believes a good teacher is one who never stops learning and evolving.

Held at the Fitzrovia studio

Sunday 29th April 2018

10.30am - 12.30pm

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Eighties Yoga Party - £30

It's time to grab your leg warmers, slip on your best leotard and get the Saturday party started to a soundtrack of 80's classics. From Flashdance to Footloose, Madonna to Michael Jackson, we've got the flashiest decade covered! Celebrate the joy of breath and movement in this two hour workshop that will combine classic 80's dance moves with your favourite yoga poses and variations in a funky retro flow. Open to all levels, you will leave worked, glowing and ready for your weekend.

Hailey Jean Flee came to yoga to calm her mind and find stillness in often hectic city living. In love with the strength and confidence found through practice, she gained her level 3 CYQ Yoga Teacher Training through the YMCA with Conrad Paul and Annie Vincent before completing her 200hr Yoga Alliance qualification at Shiva Yoga Peeth with Swami Sudhir Anand. Hailey’s classes are dynamic yet light hearted flow, with a calm and inclusive energy, that allow students the space to challenge themselves, let go of fear and build confidence in their own body and mind.

Held at the Fitzrovia Studio.

Saturday 19th May 20188

10.00am - 12.00pm

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