Workshops are the perfect way to go a little bit deeper. A delicious 2 hours to hone your technique or gain a better understanding, designed to improve your practice by leaps and bounds.

We also offer Bootcamps to kick start your fitness regime or even to challenge yourself a little more.
The Good Vibes workshops, holidays and bootcamps are designed to allow you to go a little deeper. Whether you want to take your fitness to the next level, learn techniques to release your tension, improve your posture or go deeper into your yoga practice. They take place at our Covent Garden and Fitzrovia studio's.

Yoga (for those too nervous to try yoga) - Free Workshop

A FREE community class to demystify yoga

Come join author and journalist, Bryony Gordon and Good Vibes founder Nahid de Belgeonne, for a one and half hour yoga gathering where we will chat about what yoga is and look at a few key poses and learn how to make them work for your body.

Bryony is an avid advocate for mental health issues, having always struggled with OCD, depression, and anxiety. Bryony is a movement-to-deal-with-your-stuff advocate and believes that ANYONE can get started. She has run TWO marathons, has been sober for 9 months, you can read her incredible and moving journey in her weekly Stella Magazine column as well as her latest book Eat, Drink, Run.

The session will be led by Nahid who teaches yoga, meditation and somatic movement. She loves teaching beginners how to access this ancient and powerful practice. We will break down poses and you’ll get lots of great tips on how to feel comfortable in all poses and importantly, understand why you are doing them.

Come expecting to explore, to ask questions, meet new people who are in the same boat as you and to have a bit of a giggle. We’ll end with tea and a QnA. You will leave with a home practice that you can start to incorporate into your daily routine.

This is FREE community class and all you need to do is to register for the class by sending in your name, email address, mobile and date of birth to get booked in to

Held at the Covent Garden studio

Sunday 24th June 2018

3.30 - 4.45pm

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The Art of Adjustments - £45

Enhance practice and teaching through touch. Take time to deepen and explore through different types of assists. Unravel and investigate the ethics of touch, exploring when it’s appropriate to touch and how touch can be adapted to suit your needs and those of your students. Learn how to provide safe and meaningful assists, how this can inform your own practice and teaching.

Open to teachers or students interested in furthering their understanding.

Beginning with a flow class to experience your own body and breath, followed by an adjustments workshop.

9.30am-11am flow class
11am-1pm adjustments workshop

Having grown up within the yogic tradition Holly Warren has been practising yoga for more than 20 years. Following a successful international career as a professional contemporary dancer, she combined many of the key aspects of both disciplines, with a particular focus on the balancing and revitalising quality of the breath and its capacity for change on both mind and body. Holly is a teacher on the Good Vibes 200hr Teacher Training.

Held at the Fitzrovia Studio

Saturday 21st July 2018

9.30am - 1.00pm

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Handstand Workshop - £30

Have you tried all the tips and tricks but you still can’t seem to get up? Or perhaps you get into handstand but just can’t seem to stay up there with ease? Or maybe fear is holding you back but you’re still curious? This workshop is for you, whatever your level!

In this workshop we’ll explore practical, progressive techniques that will help you on your handstand journey. Well look in detail at the structure of the posture, using strengthening and mobilising drills to connect the whole body for strong and stable handstands. There’ll be methods using props, and pair work to learn safely, spotting each other to achieve optimal alignment in the pose.

What you’ll learn and practice:

  • How to develop the kind of strength, flexibility and mobility needed for easy handstands
  • How to stay safe and prevent injury
  • Body mechanics and optimal position for making challenges easier
  • How to understand and use your whole body to find balance
  • Different ways to move easily into handstands, without jumping or struggling
  • Handstand leg variations

Explore, play and have a good laugh! Handstands leave us feeling empowered, playful, and free. Come join us, and turn your world upside down!

James Rafael is a British Wheel of yoga accredited teacher, dedicated to helping others incorporate the benefits of yoga into busy city schedules. He teaches creative, flow based classes with a focus on mindfulness of movement, breath, and healthy alignment. Classes aim to encourage strength and flexibility whilst inviting a sense of wellbeing and fun (hopefully!).

Held at the Fitzrovia studio

Saturday 4th August 2018

10.00am - 12.00pm

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Somatics Workshop for Back Pain - £30

Do you suffer from a tight, sore or niggles in the back? This workshop is for you!

Come and work it all out in a 2 hour Somatics workshop. Somatics involves movements that free up chronic pain and tightness by rebooting the brain to muscle communication. When you put your muscles under habitual stresses, you don’t fully release the muscles which means that you use up energy even when resting. By practising somatic movement, you retrain your muscles to relearn their natural resting length. Giving you ease of movement in those areas. This will help your Sports, Yoga practice and improve your everyday movement and is suitable for all levels.

Good Vibes Founder, Nahid, is a British Wheel of Yoga accredited teacher with a passion for sharing the healing powers of the ancient craft with all levels and abilities. Trained by renowned international teachers such as, leading Yoga aficionado Simon Low and Judith Hanson Lasater, the God Mother of Restorative Yoga.

Held at the Fitzrovia studio

Saturday 6th October 2018

10.00am - 12.00pm

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