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New to us? Now is the time to experience the conditioning and strengthening effects of our brilliant new classes! Designed for ultimate results and to fit even the busiest schedules, our dynamic 30 minute workout sessions are designed to conveniently slot into your diary without compromising on the complete body-conditioning results!  From agile and energetic boxing workouts, to strength-building Kettle Bells, Small Group Training programmes will offer a variety of workout options that will improve both your cardio fitness and muscle tone.

Or try the dynamic Reformer for a long and lean physique our classes will condition, strengthen and restore both body and soul.

Try your first Reformer Pilates OR 30min Fast Fitness class for only £15*. All you have to do is check out the timetable here, and then pop us an email to book your class!

Choose from:

Dynamic Reformer Pilates: this class will amp up the benefits of your regular Pilates exercises by using resistance exercises and multi-plane movements. Build a long lean silhouette and better movement.

TRX Suspension: the suspension system means you'll engage your whole body in each exercise, giving quicker results in less time. It'll boost fat loss, increase lean muscle tone and test your balance and more importantly work the muscles around and underneath the shoulders, back and sides for better posture and more powerful functional movement.

Bodyweight HIIT: we'll get you moving more mindfully and efficiently and wake up your nervous system, by combining intense effort with short rest periods. You'll sweat, you'll swear but the results will be worth it.

Boxfit: bad day at the office? Take it out on the pads! The ultimate stress reliever, our Boxfit classes will also improve your cardio fitness, hand eye coordination, strength and speed.

Kettlebells: not just another weight, the kettlebell is unbeatable for strength and fat loss training. Incorporating primal movements, you'll improve your mental focus and flexibility, plus it's kinder on your joints than other forms of cardio exercise, and takes less time! 

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*One £15 class per person, new clients only.