Nicky Lopez

Small Group Training Teacher

Master Trainer and group exercise specialist Nicky Lopez has managed and taught at various boutique studios. He is known for his one liners and you might hear him shout “sweating is your fat crying” as you tackle one of his gruelling cardio circuits. He believes in fitness for purpose so what better purpose than to help you sweat it out!!

Who are you?
Nicky Lopez a Master trainer from London
What have you done?
Degree in Finance, looked after underprivileged kids at Camp America in my gap year. Have managed and taught in various high profile boutique studios. Also lead my own unique HIIT session with Sarah called TakeTheHIIT which we instructed at LoveFit festival this summer. 
How do you teach?
Full of energy and enthusiasm, but also never repetitive and always with a fun twist at some point in the session.
How do I feel after my class?
Always buzzing straight after teaching and can't wait to teach more!
What do you eat?
I keep it healthy and controlled Monday to Friday, but the weekend is the time I can let loose and experience all the great varied cuisines London has to offer.
What's your favourite way to train?
Always with a goal and a purpose. For instance I love training at Orange Theory because you build up splat points based on how long you can stay in your burning zone. Each session is different, but you can always work on getting as many points as you can. On the flip side I recently tried Yoga for the first time and surprisingly loved it! I can see the benefits Yoga will give me for my other training as well as flexibility and posture.