Florentina Lam-Clark

Glow Yoga Teacher

Florentina’s background is in the field of holistic bodywork and healing and she has been an avid practitioner of yoga and meditation for over 20 years. She finds integrating these practices into daily living to be joyful and empowering tools that have supported her through the physical demands of bodywork, two pregnancies and various injuries. Her enthusiasm for yoga, lead her to take the teacher training in Hatha yoga with YogaCampus in London and more recently with Vinyasa Flow yoga teacher, Jason Crandell. She finds her practice inspiring and uplifting and wishes to impart this to students. Flo’s classes bring together the components of conscious breath and movement along with strength and stability that come from good attention to alignment. She highlights awareness of the subtle-body’s energy to harness vitality and integrate mind, body, spirit and emotions. Her classes also convey the restorative, meditative and healing aspects of yoga that is the perfect antidote to the fast pace of city living. Flo is also trained in pregnancy yoga and is a registered Restorative Yoga Teacher.

What is the best time of the day to practise/exercise?

I find a morning meditation and asana practice helps me to feel grounded and connected, nicely stretched out and energised. It’s a great set up for the day.

What do you recommend to eat before your class? After the class?

It’s best not to eat for at least 2 hours before a yoga class, however I like to have a fresh juice before I practice in the morning and then afterwards I have home-made granola, berries and soya yoghurt on top – yummy!

What do you love about Good Vibes?

Good vibes seems to have bucket fulls of amazingly positive energy! I love the comfortable atmosphere, the friendly staff and students. It’s a great place to work.

What do you teach in class?

In the Vinyasa flow class my aim is to teach postures with attention to alignment and breath. I like to teach a balanced class that has lightness, fun, is challenging and yet mindful with a deep sense of relaxation.  In the restorative and yoga nidra class it’s all about letting go, connecting to peace and surrendering to Bliss!

How will I feel after your class?

Integrated in mind, body spirit, positive, energised, yet calm and relaxed!

Tell us something surprising about yourself...

I like a physical challenge and although I am wary of heights, I have discovered that I really enjoy indoor rock climbing!