Glow Yoga

Glow Yoga

Glow Yoga is a modern approach to yoga. We believe that your practice should cultivate awareness and we aim for all our teaching to be in line with the latest anatomy and movement thinking. We offer vinyasa flow yoga classes practised in our central London studio. The room is heated by infrared to allow the body to safely open and release, with SAD lighting to improve your mood during each class.

Each session is challenging but nurturing and the Glow teachers deliver classes that will nourish as well as make you sweat. We all follow the Glow Yoga studio ethos which is to offer excellent and consistent teaching geared towards your personal abilities. The “how does it feel” is more important than the “how do I look” and we will push you to do what is best for you as an individual so you’ll find no ‘one size fits all’ practices here. Our studios are secular but inspiring spaces, created to include everyone.

For a more mindful approach to Yoga, that gives great results for mind and body, step on the mat with us.

If you want to take it deeper, have a look at our workshop calendar.

New to Yoga?


Instructive, inclusive yoga class which is beginner friendly and anatomy focused. 60 mins. We also offer Glow Yoga Foundation Workshops which will teach you yoga basics in a 2 hour class. Read More

Know Your Yoga Poses?


Challenging but nurturing Vinyasa flow class with options to work harder. Not for beginners. Read More

Yang & Yin

A strong and sweaty dynamic flow (Yang) followed by a delicious Yin (restorative) ending with Yoga Nidra (a guided meditation also known as yoga sleep) by candlelight. Read More

More Advanced?

Dynamic Fire
The Glow Yoga Fire class is for those who want more of a challenge. Read More

Looking to stretch and open?


Glow Yin is for those looking to improve flexibility and joint mobility, and is also the perfect addition to a more dynamic practice and will improve your Sports performance, including running and cycling.Read More

Body Conditioning Classes


A Glow Pilates mat class will work your deep muscles from the inside out. Open level class. Read More

Looking to Relax?


A delicious restorative class by candlelight. Open to all levels, come and recharge your batteries. Read More

Body Conditioning Classes


A Glow Pilates mat class will work your deep muscles from the inside out. Open level class. Read More

Ballet Tone

This class will strengthen and lengthen every muscle group in the body to create a long, lean and sculpted physique. Read More

Glow Band Workout

This conditioning class uses resistance bands for a full body workout that challenges every major muscle in your body. Using small controlled movements and lots of repetitions to create a long and lean silhouette.

Yoga and Pilates One-To-Ones


We offer 60 minute bespoke yoga and Pilates one- to-ones. Read More

Try the new metabolic resistance training, a 25 minute blast that challenges every muscle group.
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