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Best Yoga, Pilates and Powerplate classes in London, the staff are incredible and every session feels like a private PT session.

- Alice, Fitzrovia

I've been a member of Good Vibes for many years. I love the community feel, the varied workout choices, inspiring teachers and wide ranging class-times which mean you can easily sculpt your fitness timetable to suit your lifestyle. The exceptional teachers and staff are the heart of the studio, I leave every class feeling uplifted and inspired with a happy body and clear mind.

- Alice, Covent Garden

Since starting classes at Good Vibes I feel happier in my body. I have noticed both the physical benefits - I am more toned - and the mental benefits. I always leave feeling happier, calmer and more positive. It offers the perfect haven for an otherwise hectic London lifestyle. The yoga teachers are great: Ruth, Nahid, Holly, Dimithu, Clare, Zofia...I could go on! These teachers come across as very knowledgeable and I always feel better after an hour on the mat in their class. I love how they complement the poses with beautiful use of language and touch upon both the philosophical sides of yoga as well as the anatomical benefits.

- Hannah, Covent Garden

It's so great at Good Vibes. It's simple, offering yoga, cycle and power plates - but you don't need any more. My yoga practise has improved so so much since coming to Good Vibes - instructors, my favourites being Nahid, Jessica and Rikke, are really tuned in to the body and offer well-thought out yoga classes that challenge as well as soothe and restore. It's my favourite gym in London!

- Brogan, Covent Garden

'Good Vibes classes are an essential part of my week- a haven away from the day to day madness. The classes have really helped develop my core strength and flexibility - but more importantly, provide me with a healthy balance and the time to check out/ focus inward rather than outward.' Joumanna's online jewellery boutique features work from Middle Eastern designers and gives back to the community with a portion of the sales going to Teach for Lebanon. Visit her site here

- Joumanna, Covent Garden

I've been coming to Good Vibes for 7 years and I love all the classes! I like to mix things up and the classes at Good Vibes are a good balance for body and mind.

My health and wellbeing is always better after a class at GV. I have made a really close friend from coming regularly to GV and sharing the joy of a good work out. Friendly staff that make you feel welcome. the classes offer a variety of levels and the teachers are engaged. Now I am pregnant the staff are even more accommodating. Good Vibes makes me feel accomplished, healthy and strong for the day ahead.

- Jody, Covent Garden

Good Vibes studios are friendly and provide an easy-going environment. Their yoga instructors are friendly and helpful. The Yang and Yin session by Nahid on Sunday morning is a great way to relax for the rest of the day and be energised for the week ahead. Nahid regularly watched my posture and helped to make corrections so I didn't hurt myself, even in a class of 25+ students. As the co-founder of, I go through the ups and downs of running a business and Good Vibes provides a nice base where I can go and relax. Sarah at the reception greeted me with a big smile and we had a lovely chat before and after the yoga lessons.

- Tomo, Covent Garden

I have been coming to Good Vibes for almost 2 years now. I love Glow Ballet Tone and Pilates as I love the focus on strength and toning as well as posture and alignment. I also love Power Plates, especially the Circuit and HIIT classes for a quick energy boost and to help get the blood flowing.

I started coming as I had been diagnosed with mild osteoporosis and was keen to build up some strength and increase my bone density. Since I started doing regular Power Plate classes using my own body weight and some free weights and resistance bands, my bone density has improved greatly and I am now in the normal range. I've also gained some muscle mass and feel a lot fitter and stronger.

I always leave a class feeling energised, focused and ready to attack my day. I love feeling myself getting stronger and seeing improvements in my flexibility and strength over the weeks as well

- Rhiannon, Covent Garden

I have been coming to Good Vibes for 2 years and it’s a friendly environment that takes the hassle out of keeping fit. I would recommend Good Vibes to friends because combining yoga, Power Plates and indoor cycling is a total mind and body solution and its helped to improve my performance in my other Sports, such as kick boxing. I’m definitely better toned and a lot calmer!

- Nik, Covent Garden

I lost 3 stone with Power Plates and Glow Cycle five times a week

- Claire, Covent Garden