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Since stress elevates Cortisol (which causes the body to retain fat, as well as triggering cravings for sugar), practising mindful and calming yoga is as beneficial to your figure as it is to your brain. Book a restorative weekly class at Good Vibes.

- Harper's Bazaar, Jan 2016

The antidote to stress is relaxation, but that's easier said than done. Nahid de Belgeonne, founder of Good Vibes, has the perfect solution - her new Yoga Nidra for Calm session, £5 at, is a 14 minute guided meditation to help reset the mind. Download and decompress...

- Grazia, Dec 2015

There's a big trend towards slower, more gentle classes,de Belgeonne says. Among the most sought-after here are Bliss Yoga by candlelight and Glow Yin. They are nourishing and help to rebalance the ferocious speed of more

- Evening Standard, Oct 2015

If like my sister you struggle to sleep well, try following these tips by founder and director of Good Vibes, Nahid de Belgeonne on getting quality more

- Madeleine Loves, Sep 2015

Our resident yogi, Nahid de Belgeonne answers your flow we look at how to perfect your Crow more

- Women's Health, Aug 2015

How to turn your world upside down, and not face plant in the more

- Women's Health, Jul 2015

Wedding day stress starting to get to you? Use these effective yoga/Pilates practices that will benefit body, mind and soul so that you look and feel radiant on your wedding day... read more

- Women's Health, Jul 2015

Our resident yogi Nahid de Belgeonne, shares the 16 errors she sees time and again, and what to do instead... read more

- Women's Health, Jun 2015

I love food and eating well, but I have to plan in advance to make sure I have good things to hand... read more

- Get the Gloss, Feb 2015

On these dark cold days, we need to burn brightly from within. Here's a daily routine to boost your energy and make you feel ready for more.

- Women's Health, Feb 2015

Got a bad habit that you just can't break? Yoga will help you get back on more

- Women's Health, Feb 2015

Yoga can help you feel more energised. The unique combination of intense movement, activation of the breath and a focused awareness, is profoundly good at bringing us in line with our inner energy more

- Women's Health, Jan 2015

Downward Dog is one of the great all rounders of yoga, teaching you how to use your body to create a place of stillness in your more

- Women's Health, Jan 2015

Make over your daily habits with these tips from WH and Yoga expert Nahid de more

- Women's Health, Dec 2014

More and more psychology studies show that gratitude is healthy, encouraging contentment, compassion, curiosity, connection and more

- Women's Health, Dec 2014

Arm balances are some of the most challenging and playful yoga poses there are and very much worth exploring, even if upper body strength isn't your finest more

- Women's Health, Nov 2014

WH yoga blogger Nahid de Belgeonne loves restorative yoga, which uses a system of mimimal movement to allow the body's nurturing functions kick into place, allowing it to rest and more

- Women's Health, Sep 2014

Get that blissed-out honeymoon feeling before you say 'I do' with these simple more

- Women's Health, Aug 2014

Tone up rather than bulk up? Take a Power Plates class at Good Vibes.

- Tatler

Try the new metabolic resistance training, a 25 minute blast that challenges every muscle group.

- Grazia

Glow Yoga at the sunny little Good Vibes studio is balmy spring in the Med. It's peaceful, quiet and calming, encompassing stretches and breathing techniques, mindfulness and mat work. What's more is there is SAD lighting to brighten your mood.

- Tatler

I go to yoga three times a week, I feel stronger and more flexible and it has been positive for my mind and stress levels.

- Stylist