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Glow Yoga & Pilates

Glow Yoga is a modern approach to yoga. We believe that your practice should cultivate awareness and we aim for all our teaching to be in line with the latest anatomy and movement thinking.

Reformer Pilates

Build a powerhouse core, long lean limbs and a slim silhouette


Low impact, high intensity full body workout to strengthen your core, lift your booty and get you results fast

30min Small Group Training

Boxing, TRX Suspension, Kettlebells and HIIT, all at a speedy 30 minutes. They won't take too much time away from your day, but they will give you all the benefits you're looking for.

Personal Training

A more bespoke approach.

Good Vibes classes are an essential part of my week- a haven away from the day to day madness. The classes have really helped develop my core strength and flexibility - but more importantly, provide me with a healthy balance and the time to check out/ focus inward rather than outward.

Joumanna, Covent Garden


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Choose from Yoga and Pilates in the Glow studio to nourish, Reformer Pilates to lengthen or a 30min Small Group Training session to strengthen.

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QiGong Yoga Flow with Dan 

Vinyasa flow’s harmonising of breath and movement blends beautifully with the intentional, functional and fluid forms (often inspired by the natural world and the elements) of Qi Gong to help mobilise, unlock and ground you physically, mentally and emotionally. 

Try it on Tuesday's 7.15pm, Covent Garden